How to stop yourself going stir crazy while working from home

Top tips, products and hacks to get you through.

Woman working from home

by Jade Moscrop |

Feel like you're sick of looking at the same four walls? You're not alone. Working from home sounds like a dream, but for some people who are used to a commute, a work social life and a set routine, it can take a while to settle in.

To make yourself more comfortable and motivated, we reckon you should fill your house with plants, get something to make your lunches more exciting and definitely invest in some chic home office decor. But that's not all - lean on the people around you (or in this case, on the internet) to help you find your rhythm.

Plus, make sure the time you're not spent working is used to relax, unwind, stay healthy and entertained.

The Closer team has picked out some things you could try to make working from home and staying indoors after work much more bearable. Enjoy!

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