Easy home office decor ideas to make your workspace amazing

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Home office decor ideas

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In order to not to totally lose your marbles while you're working from home, it's advisable to set out a specific space that will function as your new office. Be it your actual office, a dining table or a spot on the sofa, it should be separate from the rest of your home to allow you to switch off at the end of the day.

Creating a place that works for both your creativity and motivation is key, so if you feel your home office is lacking in style right now, we've got some ideas.

While you can't spontaneously redecorate your chosen home office, you can add a few accessories that'll make it the most inspirational room in your home (oh, and totally Pinterest-worthy).

Whether it's a new set of prints, a desk organiser or a cool light, adding some newness will do wonders for your home-working brain.

Here are some of our favourite picks:

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Home office decor ideas

Wooden Desk Organiser1 of 15

Wooden Desk Organiser

Even the simplest of organisers can keep your desk and brain from feeling cluttered. This one even allows you to tuck away your keyboard at the end of the day to forget about work.

Little Bao Dumpling Light2 of 15

Little Bao Dumpling Light

We're making a new rule: all office lamps should resemble food from now on. K, thx. This little bao bun lamp will make you smile whenever you get into the office (read: sofa).

Jobary Set of 5 Artificial Succulents3 of 15

Jobary Set of 5 Artificial Succulents

Whether you want real ones or fake ones, adding some plants into your work space will make you feel chilled and happy. These ones, though, are great for if your track record with live plants isn't something you want to share publicly.

Farringdon Office Range4 of 15

Farringdon Office Range

Super chic, this industrial style range has everything, including a letter holder, magazine rack and a cool wall crate. This is definitely one for your Instagram pics.

Alba Architect Double Arm Desk Lamp5 of 15

Alba Architect Double Arm Desk Lamp

Feel like a proper office pro with this double arm lamp - stylish and functional.

Wasach Marble Mousepad6 of 15

Wasach Marble Mousepad

Why settle for just any mousemat, when you could have this gorgeous marble one?

Greenzaurus Drinking Dinosaur Planters7 of 15

Greenzaurus Drinking Dinosaur Planters

If these adorable little planters don't make you smile when you see them, you don't have a soul. Pure and simple.

Watercolor Words Inspirational Art Print8 of 15

Watercolor Words Inspirational Art Print

These prints are advertised for kids' bedrooms but you know what? Inspirational quotes have no age limit.

Writing Desk Pad Protector9 of 15

Writing Desk Pad Protector

If your chosen desk isn't quite ideal for your mouse to run across it smoothly, opt for a desk pad to make everything easier. Plus, if you spill your coffee, you're safe.

Round Interlocking Solid Oak Office Desk Tidy10 of 15

Round Interlocking Solid Oak Office Desk Tidy

This sturdy desk tidy looks cool and will help you keep absolutely everything organised - including headphones, your phone, paperclips and more.

Storm Cloud Weather Predictor11 of 15

Storm Cloud Weather Predictor

Remember what the outdoors feels like? No - we don't either. The crystals inside this weather predictor react to different conditions to tell you what it's like outside. Plus, it looks cool AF.

Hanging Planter Vase & Geometric Wall Decor Container12 of 15

Hanging Planter Vase & Geometric Wall Decor Container

Pop your favourite plants in these hanging planters for a geo-chic accessory.

Motivational Inspirational Quotes Posters13 of 15

Motivational Inspirational Quotes Posters

Bring a splash of colour and a bout of motivation with these loud and proud prints.

Simmer Stone Metal Wire 4 in 1 Desk Organizer Set14 of 15

Simmer Stone Metal Wire 4 in 1 Desk Organizer Set

Everyone's love of rose gold isn't over yet, so these metal organisers will be a welcome addition to your home office.

Yoillione Hexagon Felt Board Tiles15 of 15

Yoillione Hexagon Felt Board Tiles

Why settle for a regular cork board when you can get these awesome hexagonal ones? We're sold.

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