Workout while you commute: the best women’s running backpacks

Get to work and get your workout all at once.

Women's commuter backpacks

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For anyone with a busy work day and home life, working out seems to take a backseat. Running to work could be the answer, as it means you've got your exercise done for the day before you even reach the office.

To make life easier, you'll need a great running commuter backpack to carry everything you need. Storage, fit and breathability are all key elements to ensure you feel cool, calm and can focus on your run.

The best running backpacks for commuting have quick-access pockets for drinks bottles and secure compartments for cash and your phone, but don't compromise on weight or size. Grab yourself a great pair of running shoes, a fabulous pair of gym leggings and you're good to go.

Here are some of our top picks:

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The best running commuter backpacks for women

Gregory Mountain Products Maya 16 Liter Women's Daypack1 of 6

Gregory Mountain Products Maya 16 Liter Women's Daypack

The Gregory Maya 16L rucksack has been designed to hug your body as you clamber over boulders up a mountain – but it's also perfectly suited for running on your commute. It's lightweight, breathable, and flexible – and there's a holder for your glasses on the shoulder strap, too.

Camelbak Octane 16x £81.502 of 6

Camelbak Octane 16x

The well-designed zip front on this rucksack-style pack means it expands to fit your kit. It also includes a three-litre hydration bladder and reflective details. Good for commutes and adventures on foot or bike.

EULANT Lightweight Running Backpack3 of 6

EULANT Lightweight Running Backpack

Lightweight and light on your pocket too, this is a real bargain compared to the rucksacks above. It might not contain the most (14 litres) but this is a great backpack if you want to run to work and don't need to carry a laptop or anything heavy. The bright colour makes it safe during darker mornings and evenings, too.

Ultimate Direction Fastpack 25 Running Backpack4 of 6

Ultimate Direction Fastpack 25 Running Backpack

If you need something bigger, then take a look at the Ultimate Direction Fastpack 25. At 25L, the large main compartment is excellent for bulkier items like laptops and notebooks. It comes in two sizes, so be sure to measure over your clothes before selecting the right size.

Omm Classic 25  £78.985 of 6

Omm Classic 25

Features include removable sleeping/back pad, zipped lid and hip pockets and adjustable mesh side and front pockets for waterproofs and other gear. Good adjustment, but may not fit smaller runners so well.

Salomon Agile 6 Set Running Backpack6 of 6

Salomon Agile 6 Set Running Backpack

With plenty of pockets, you won't be short of places to keep all your gear for work. It's breathable and lightweight, and you can use it at the weekend on your trail runs too. It also includes two soft flasks.

Top tips for running to work

Give yourself plenty of time

Giving yourself lots of time to run to work not only lets you enjoy it as you won't be in a rush, but allows you to warm up and cool down effectively. You don't want to spend the first ten minutes of your work day out of breath because you had to rush. You could even walk the last 1km to ensure you're ready to work.

Shower time

Leaving your toiletries at work makes life easier and means you don't have to carry them with you, so keep a spare set in your office. If your work doesn't have showers, you can take your own clean kit to feel fresh throughout the day, including wipes, dry shampoo or a dry shower product. Obviously, make sure to shower properly when you get home to avoid rashes, scalp issues and other skin problems.

Don't forget to stretch

It can be easy to jump into work straight away after you've showered, but just with any run, you need to make sure you stretch properly afterwards. This ideal stretching routine is a great one to remember.

Be prepared

Whether it's leaving your clothes/shoes at work or making sure your bag is packed the night before, being prepared will ensure you can totally focus on the run and not be worried about anything else. Plus, leaving some items at the office will make your backpack load even lighter.

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