The best running gear that will motivate you for your next jog

Whether you're training for a marathon or working towards your first 5K, this is the gear you need to hit the ground running

Running gear

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It's hardly groundbreaking, but running is brilliant for helping you get fitter and stronger whilst working wonders for your mental health.

Need some clarity after a long, hard day? A good ol' run could be the answer and your favourite celebrities can't get enough of the whole jogging malarky. In fact, everyone from Lucy Fallon to Amy Childs (who you may remember ran the London marathon in 2013) has donned a pair of running trainers at some point.

Podcaster and mum-of-three Giovanna Fletcher has also been vocal about the brilliant benefits of running and claimed it made her 'a better mum'.

She told Mother&Baby: "The feeling I get when I stop [running], when the endorphins rush through my shattered body, is intoxicating. It’s an addictive feeling, and I think I’m a better mum for taking that time out of my day to think of something other than ‘mum’ or work stuff."

Although we can all agree that there are a lot of health benefits to running it can be daunting to know where to start.

For example, a trustyrunning armband which can store your keys and phone, meaning you can go hands-free? A LIFE SAVER.

Author Bryony Gordon made us all giggle when she admitted on her first run wore her husband's battered converse and didn't have a water bottle to hand, so took her daughter's Tommee Tippee water bottle...

She told Grazia, "I went for my first run in a pair of battered Converse and my husband’s tracksuit bottoms, complete with one of his Star Wars T-shirts. I looked like a woman on day release, but I didn’t care."

Here's a guide to the essential gadgets and bits of gear that can help motivate you to clock up some extra miles and keep you feeling safe at night...

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The best accessories that will motivate you to jog

Running Armband1 of 12
CREDIT: Amazon

Running Armband (Blac)

Keep your phone and keys handy with this slick armband. We can assure you that running hands-free, is so much easier (and safer). We love the plain black, which will go with everything you already own. Suitable for iPhone X 8/7/ 6S/ 6

Pink water bottle2 of 12
CREDIT: Amazon

Pink Running Water Bottle

If you're someone who needs water when they run, this clever bottle has been DESIGNED to be comfortable in your hands. Cute, eh? Available in pink, blue and black.

Cadrim Hands Free Dog Walking Belt3 of 12
CREDIT: Amazon

Cadrim Hands Free Dog Walking Belt

If you fancy combining your dog walks with your running (genius, right?) we recommend this innovative dog walking lead, which allows you to hands-free. It's comfortable and easy to use.

More Mile4 of 12
CREDIT: Amazon

More Mile Women's Running Socks

If you're prone to achey feet or blisters, say hello to runner's socks. They are designed to keep feet dry and aid comfort during runs or exercise. They're great for long walks, too.

Anti-slip5 of 12
CREDIT: Amazon

Airpod Anti-slip Covers

Add anti-slip covers to your Airpods to ensure they don't fall out during your jog. Genius.

Nike6 of 12

Nike Training Flex 2 In 1 Shorts In Black

If you are a shorts-person, you will love this pair from ASOS which has two layers - a supportive stretchy short, with an easy-breezy top layer. A running essential.

LED7 of 12
CREDIT: Amazon

LED Armbands

If you run during early mornings or late nights, this is a jogging must-have. The Led reflective armband is highly visible in the dark.

watch8 of 12
CREDIT: Fitbit

Fitbit Tracker

This Fitbit is one of the cheaper ones on the market, but tracks your sleep, steps, heart rate and activity. There is nothing more motivating then challenging a pal to see who can get the most steps in a day...

Sports Bra9 of 12
CREDIT: Amazon

WingsLove Women's High Impact No Bounce Sports Bra

For all the women who hate running because of the 'bounce'... we have the solution for you. This high-impact, no-bounce bra will keep your boobs strapped in and your workouts comfortable.

Nike Running Trainers10 of 12

Nike Running Trainers

A good pair of trainers will elevate your run, plus get you motivated for your next session. We adore the twist on the classic Nike runners, which 100% deserve a spot on your shoe rack.

Running gloves11 of 12
CREDIT: Amazon

Unigear Running Gloves

Okay, so not the most glam buy, but definitely very practical during chilly mornings. The material is both breathable and thermal, ensuring an optimum temperature for your hands.

Berghaus Women's Redonda Full-Zip Fleece12 of 12
CREDIT: Blacks

Berghaus Women's Redonda Full-Zip Fleece

Running when it's cold outside is absolutely NO fun, but neither is running in a giant fleece...This lightweight fleece from Berghaus combines a barely-there feel with clever heat-trapping tech to prevent even the slightest breeze from making you chilly on your jogs.

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If you don't think you're 'the right body size' to run, mental health activist Bryony Gordon is here to tell you otherwise...

She and a whole gang of celebrity pals (including Giovanna Fletcher and plus-size model Jada Smith) ran the 10k Vitality run in their underwear to raise money for charity.

Oh and to remind us that running is far more than aesthetics and hitting personal bests...

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