REAL LIFE: ‘I lost 5st with Slimming World and got my confidence back’

Sliming World, Liz Mee

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Super-slimmer Liz Mee lost 5st with Slimming World... and got her groove back! This is her inspiring weight loss story...

Liz Mee, 29, who lives in Stafford, is a lecturer in childcare and education. Liz is 5ft 9½ tall and weighs 11st 6lbs, having lost 5st

"As a lecturer I was used to confidently standing in front of large crowds, but when my health took a turn for the worse I piled on the pounds and my self-esteem plummeted.

It all started in 2013, when I began feeling sick and fatigued. I had terrible pains in my joints and muscles, and I developed jaundice. Eventually, I was diagnosed with autoimmune liver disease. I was put on a high dose of steroids, which made me feel hungry all the time and, before I knew it, the weight was creeping on quickly.

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I decided to move back in with my parents for support and I lost my confidence at work. I could barely meet the gaze of my students because I felt so uncomfortable. When I looked in the mirror wearing my loose unflattering clothes, I realised I looked and felt older. I wanted to dress in trendy Topshop clothes like my friends, but as I reached 16st 6lbs, none of my favourite brands had the size 20 I needed. It was on one particularly upsetting shopping trip, when I failed to find a new work outfit, that I decided enough was enough.

Sliming World, Liz Mee
Liz looks and feels GREAT! (Credit: Slimming World) ©Slimming World


A colleague had lost weight with Slimming World, so I phoned my local consultant who was warm and understanding. I was so shy it took three calls before I plucked up the courage to go along to my first group in January 2015.

Back at home, Mum was determined to help me lose weight. She stocked up on fresh food and made all my favourite meals, like chicken kievs, pasta and burgers, using the Slimming World recipes.

As the scales went down I felt more energetic and I noticed I was coping better emotionally too. In the summer of 2016 I felt ready to move into a place of my own and I started filling my wardrobe with stylish clothes – including a pair of Topshop skinny jeans! To my delight, last October I hit my target weight of 11st 6lbs, and I’m a world away from where I was four years ago. Whether it’s holding the attention of my students or feeling great in my clothes, I finally feel like a 20-something again."


Slimming World
(Credit: Slimming World) ©Slimming World

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