Need some gymspiration? Here are 15 female celebrities who will inspire you to hit the gym

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Celebrity women gymspiration

by Eden-Olivia Lord |

We've rounded up 15 celebrity women who look AMAZING and will inspire you to hit the gym

If you're anything like us, despite the fact that your New Year's resolution was to get in shape, you still haven't actually set foot inside the gym.

But don't worry - all is not lost.

If you want to lose weight, slim down, tone up or simply just get fit, we have the gymspiration (that's gym inspiration!) you need.

You see a poll by 3D-Lipo Ltd has revealed the celebrities who are most likely to motivate you to go to the gym and workout HARD.

So if you want to get fit and healthy, here are 15 super-fit female celebs to help get you in the zone...


15 female celebrities who will inspire you to hit the gym - stacked

Binky Felstead
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CREDIT: Instagram / binkyfelstead

Named "gymspiration" of the year Binky Felstead is quickly becoming our favourite super-fit celeb. Not only has she recently been signed to Select Models, but the reality star is also the UK brand ambassador for sports brand Reebok.It's safe to say she's motivated after all, during her pregnancy with baby India she continued with her strict training regime with her personal trainer Tyrone.How often does Binky Felstead work out?Binky has revealed she likes to work out a few times a week: "I'm addicted to training, I love it so much. I probably train 3 times a week."I literally can't stop, and it makes me feel so much better and healthier and healthier," she told OK! magazine.

Scarlett Moffatt
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CREDIT: Instagram / scarlettmoffatt

How did Scarlett Moffatt lose weight?Over the past few years Scarlett Moffatt has gone through an incredible body transformation. After finding out she was putting herself in danger by being overweight, the Gogglebox star lost an impressive three stone.She told New! magazine: "I've just started exercising quite a bit actually. I'd say I do HIT [High Intensity Training] about three times a week."She has since become fit and healthy, and has gone on to release her own fitness DVD Scarlett's SuperSlim Me Plan so we can all follow in her slender footsteps.Thanks Scar!There's since been reports that her DVD was a 'sham' however the TV presenter has since been papped getting fit and healthy bu going to the gym.

Khloe Kardashian
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CREDIT: Instagram / khloekardashian

How did Khloe Kardashian lose weight?The youngest Kardashian sister has proved that hard work in the gym REALLY pays off.Khloe Kardashian has a body that's toned-yet-curvy, and regularly posts photos that make us very envious. As well as hitting the gym five times a week with her personal trainer Don, Khloe also recently revealed that she now watches what she eats and drinks five to six litres of water a day.How much does Khloe Kardashian weigh?We know that Khloe lost 40 pounds but we're not sure if she even knows how much she weighs. She told PeopleStyle: "I don't weigh myself, I don't believe in numbers."

Lorraine Kelly
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CREDIT: Instagram / lorrainekellysmith

How did Lorraine Kelly lose weight?We LOVE Lorraine Kelly. Not only does her show make our mornings that little bit better, but at 57-years-old she's proof that you can be fit and fabulous at any age. Over the last few years she's dropped from a size 14 to a size 10, and confessed that keeping fit and exercising has also helped her mentally.Want to get fit the Lorraine Kelly way? Well you can thanks to her fitness DVD Lorraine Brand New You.

Louise Thompson
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CREDIT: Instagram / louise.thompson

How much does Louise Thompson weigh?Binky's Made in Chelsea cast mate Louis Thompson is always posting photos of her body that make us want to run to the gym and eat a tub of ice cream at the same time (it's all VERY confusing tbh!). She regularly trains with her boyfriend Ryan Libbey - who happens to be an athlete, personal trainer and fitness model (hot!) - and has revealed that when she's in the gym she spends most of her time using weights.We're not actually sure how much she weighs - she doesn't either - but she has revealed a few of her workout routines to OK!: "We [Ryan and herself] will do four sets of eight reps for each exercise, which include things like deadlifts and weight squats."With the heavy weights, I have recently learnt to make a note of what I'm doing so that I can improve every fortnight and try to life heavier."Thanks for the tips, Lou!

Davina McCall
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CREDIT: Instagram/ davinalpccall

What does Davina McCall eat?Davina McCall - who is in her forties and looks absolutely fabulous - has been giving us major fitness inspiration for years now. She regularly works out, and recently revealed that she's also cut sugar from her diet (yes, that means no more chocolate brownies, guys!).Want a hot bod just like hers? Then you need to check out her workout DVD Davina 5 Week Fit.

Lucy Watson
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CREDIT: Instagram / lucywatson

What does Lucy Watson eat?As you can see from her social media photos, former Made in Chelsea star Lucy Watson has an amazing body. She eats healthy (she's recently been following a vegan diet), regularly goes to the gym and constantly makes us want to work out more.Lucy - what's your secret?!

Kate Wright
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CREDIT: Instagram / xkatiewright

Has Kate Wright had surgery?Did someone say body goals? Yes, TOWIE's Kate Wright has without a doubt one of the best bodies on Instagram. She's curvy, fit, toned, and regularly shares videos of herself working out. Not only do her videos help keep us motivated, but she's also really great at detailing exactly what exercises she's doing so we can all copy.Thanks Kate!And other than her lip fillers she's not had any plastic surgery.

Helen Mirren
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CREDIT: Getty Images

How does Helen Mirren stay in shape?Can you believe Helen Mirren is in her seventies? No, neither can we! The actress has previously revealed that she stays fit by doing a 12 minute exercise inspired by the Royal Canadian Air Force. Yes, 12 minutes! Now that's the kind of workout we're into. She told Hello! magazine: "It is the exercise I have done off and on my whole life."It just very gently gets you fit. Two weeks of doing that and you think: 'Yeah, I could go to the gym now."If it's good enough for Helen...

Vicky Pattison
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CREDIT: Instagram / vickypattison

How did Vicky Pattison lose weight?Over the years Vicky Pattison's weight has fluctuated, but she's now settled at a healthy and happy size. Vicky's proven that you can be any size you want if you're willing to put the work in. The former Geordie Shore star lost four stones by cutting out junk food and alcohol from her diet.Want to follow in Vicky's footsteps? Then treat yourself to her fitness DVD Vicky's 7 Day Slim DVD.

Lucy Mecklenburgh
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CREDIT: Instagram / lucymeck1

How much does Lucy Mecklenburgh weigh?Since leaving TOWIE in 2013 Lucy Mecklenburgh has created her own fitness website, and regularly posts photos that make us envious of her body. In the past she explained she works out four to five days a week, and told MailOnline: "I always mix it up otherwise I would be bored. Variety is key to keep motivation."Noted!In the past she revealed she doesn't have any scales: "I don't even know what I weigh at the moment. You can get a bit obsessed and the scales mean nothing," she told Hello! Online.

Kelly Brook
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CREDIT: Instagram / iamkb

Has Kelly Brook had surgery?Model and actress Kelly Brook has always had a stunning figure. The 37-year-old - who has her own fashion line for Simply Be - has revealed she mantains a healthy balanced diet and has an active lifestyle. Sounds easy enough, right?On whether Kelly has had surgery or not in the past she told Mail On Sunday's YOU magazine that's she's natural: "I'm careful with the message I give out. I am natural – I don't have hair extensions or anything like that."

Charlotte Crosby
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CREDIT: Instagram / charlottegshore

How did Charlotte Crosby lose weight?Over the years, former Geordie Shore star Charlotte Crosby has had an incredible body transformation, which she puts down to simply working out and eating well. The 26-year-old reality star has confessed that exercise has helped her body confidence, telling the Daily Star: "Exercise is the key. It makes you feel like you've achieved something and it's so much better than lying about all day."Want to get your abs in tip top condition? Then check out Charlotte's 3 Minute Belly Blitz.

Billie Faiers
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CREDIT: Instagram / billiefaiersofficial

Does Billie Fairs work out?Even though the yummy-mummy Billie Faiers doesn't go to the gym, she has a body that motivates most people to do a workout. The ex-TOWIE star has revealed that her daughter Nelly keeps her active, telling MailOnline: "I'm constantly running about after Nelly so I tend to be active and on my feet all day every day."She added: "I do eat relatively healthily, my diet is quite good but that's not to say I'm strict with myself, I just eat what I want when I fancy it really."

Celeb fitness women
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CREDIT: Instagram

So there you have it - gymspiration at its finest! Now all we need to do is renew our gym membership!

Who's your ultimate gymspiration? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter.

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