Asda launches Sid the Sausage Dog birthday cake and we need one, immediately

Meet Colin the Caterpillar's cool new cousin

Sid sausage dog

by Marianna Manson |

Some things millennial women love: Chocolate, sausage dogs, and a dose of childhood nostalgia (and plants and lots of other stuff, obv).

Which is why we think purse friendly supermarket ASDA has totally smashed their latest release, which is a cute twist on one of the enduring icons of our youth.

We’re talking about Colin the Caterpillar, and his fun new 2020 counterpart Sid the Sausage Dog.

The same ooey-gooey chocolate log we remember from birthday parties past now comes in a cute dog form and can feed up to 20 people which, tbh, is about 15 more than we get at our birthday parties as grown-ups (more for us, then).

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Introducing Sid on the ‘gram, ASDA said, “We'd like to introduce Sid the Sausage Dog. Guaranteed to create the woof-factor for any special celebration, Sid is a whole foot long feeding up to 20 people.

"Sid consists of a soft chocolate sponge, rolled with chocolate buttercream. For the final flourish, he is coated with milk chocolate and edible decorations, creating a novelty centrepiece for only £12.

“We know our customers love a novelty cake that injects plenty of fun into special celebrations at an affordable price.

"We've seen a rising demand from our customers for sausage dog-themed products, so Sid is a great addition to our celebration cake range and is sure to become one popular pooch.”

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