Nestlé discontinue TWO iconic chocolate bars and we are FUMIN’

*cries chocolatey tears*

chocolate bars discontinued

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One of the great unsolved mysteries of our times is why the heck chocolate manufacturers decide to stop making our favourite chocolate bars. Seriously.

Remember KitKat Senses? Milkybar Chows? Twix Tops? And don't even get us started on Celebrations no longer having Galaxy Truffles.

If that's not depressing enough, we have yet more terrible chocolate bar news. Take a breather.

Caramac and Animal Bars have now both been discontinued, too, and this to the cost of living crisis and the fact that TOWIE is done and dusted for another year and we've downright had it with 2023 now. HAD IT.

The double axing by Nestle has been described as a "national scandal" and we wholeheartedly agree. The discontinuation follows a serious drop in sales over the last few years and that was certainly not our doing.

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Chocolate bars we truly miss

Cadbury1 of 25

1) Cadbury Coconut Boost

The core centre made up of dessicated coconut combined with a normal Boost bar was just too good - why on EARTH was this masterpiece ever taken out of circulation?!

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2) Dairy Milk Tiffin

After being off the shelves for years, Tiffin made its comeback in 2016. Hallelujah!

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3) Mars Delight

That caramel and chocolate cream filling mixed with that wafer, was a pure delight. Sadly, we despite people's efforts, this Mars chocolate bar won't be returning anytime soon.

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4) Cadbury Marble

Milk and white chocolate AND praline in one bar? Yup. Cadbury's really are one of the best at coming up with new recipes.

Cadbury5 of 25

5) Cadbury Spira

Two fingers of Dairy Milk with chocolate spiralling around the outside... YUM.

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6) Time Out

The Time Out was very slyly taken off the shelves - basically a chocolate wafer, but SO MUCH MORE. Thankfully, they still exist in shops as a single wafer.

chocolate7 of 25

7) Cadbury Snow Flake

The geniuses at Cadbury decided to merge their white Dream chocolate with the standard flake to create utter perfection in this little bar. But why, oh why, did they stop making them?!

Rowntrees Cabana8 of 25

8) Rowntree's Cabana

Coconut, caramel, cherries and chocolate – the ultimate tropical chocolate bar, right?

chocolate9 of 25

9) Trio

TRIO! TRIOOOO! I want Trio and I want one now!

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10) Cadbury Dream

Possibly one of the best additions to the Heroes tin at Christmas.

Cadbury11 of 25

11) Cadbury Fuse

Nuts, raisins, fudge and cereal pieces all in one chocolate bar?! It's years since we last saw a Fuse bar around. Sob.

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12) Terry's Pyramint

Basically, a pyramid version of an After Eight but with a slightly sloppier middle. We miss these!

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13) KitKat Senses

We can't for the life of us think why these went extinct. But they've been refashioned in a selection box, so that's something at least.

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14) Milkybar Choo

We're hoping this one will make a comeback. The strange combination of white chocolate and fudge worked surprisingly perfectly.

Cadbury15 of 25

15) Cadbury Taz Bar

When Taz became extinct, this chocolate bar was revolutionised as a Freddo bar with caramel. But we miss that devil.

chocolate16 of 25

16) Twix Top

This was the highlight of our school packed lunches... Anyone else?!

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17) Cadbury Snaps

They're like Pringles - but chocolate. And just like our favourite snack, you couldn't ever just have one Snap!

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18) Rowntree's Secret

Withdrawn due to low sales volumes, the marshmallow centre wrapped in thick chocolate was a real treat back in the day.

Cadbury19 of 25

19) Cadbury Wispa Mint

We've all had a Wispa, haven't we? But the mint version had an extra edge to it that was just simply divine. Sigh.

chocolate20 of 25

20) Texan

The mighty chew.

Flyte bar21 of 25

21) Flyte

Forget Maltesers, this really was a lighter way to enjoy chocolate.

White chocolate maltesers22 of 25

21) White maltesers

Despite fans clamouring for the return of the white chocolate delights, Mars say they have no intention of bringing them back. Sob!

Galaxy Truffle23 of 25

23) Galaxy Truffle

The fan favourite was inexplicably removed and replaced by Twix in Celebrations tubs back in 2011. It's clear that some people are not over it as a petition was made in 2018 to bring the chocolate back.A spokesperson said: "We're always interested in hearing our fans' views on the products they love, but we don't have any current plans to bring back Galaxy Truffles."Get in the bin.

Caramac bar24 of 25

Caramac bar

Caramac was a staple of our childhood, so for Nestle to snatch this from us is borderline traumatic. The Nestle bar was discontinued in November 2023. Seriously, caramel AND white chocolate? What was to discontinue?

Animal bar25 of 25
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Animal bar

Talking of childhood staples, here's another one that's GONE. For the Gen Zs reading this, Animal Bars were launched in 1963 as a milk chocolate bar, with a game on the inside of each wrapper.

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