Porky Lights hit back: “Our sausages ARE only half a syn!”

Porky Lights

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Slimming World: The saga of the Porky Light sausages continue...

Yesterday was a dark day for Slimming World dieters, sausage fans and, most of all, Porky Whites - the family-run company behind Porky Lights.

The low-fat sausages, which were a food staple for millions of Slimming World converts around the country, were dramatically struck off the Slimming World database after a test reportedly found they were far more fatty than advertised.

Slimming World fans around the country were horrified to hear that instead of being half a syn, as they'd previously been told, Porky Light sausages were in fact 4.5 syns each!

But in a new, dramatic turn of events, the makers of Porky Lights have hit back, claiming that their sausages ARE only 3% fat (i.e. half a syn), and what's more - that they are the victims of SABOTAGE.

Porky Lights
Porky Lights have hit back! (Credit: G White & Co) ©G White & Co

In a lenghty statement released on their website, G White & Co explained: "Since their launch last year, Porky Lights have become something of a national phenomenon amongst sausage lovers. Their very low 3% fat content and minimal calorie count of just 78 calories per sausage, has meant that they are enjoyed by thousands of people who are watching their weight."

They went on: 'G White & Co, the makers of Porky Lights are a family run business that introduced these sausages to sit alongside their family favourites Porky Whites as a response to the demand from customers for a low fat option. Every aspect of the development of the product has been through a rigorous process, making sure that the product is delicious and wholesome whilst maintaining a low fat content.

"There is no mystery to this — it is done by using only the leanest cuts of

pork so that we can maintain the optimum meat content but without raising the fat content."

Slimming World
Slimming World are yet to comment on this newest development (Credit: Slimming World) ©Slimming World

Directly adressing the current sausage scandal, Porky Lights said: "G White & Co are currently in dialogue with Slimming World to establish how their values were ascertained but want to unequivocally state that the Slimming World results are neither consistent between their own batch tests and are highly inconsistent with the nutritional results that have been produced by numerous tests, over a number of months from a number of independent UKAS approved food laboratories."

G White & Co have even gone to the unusual step of releasing the results of their most recent nutritional tests.pdf){href='http://www.porkywhites.co.uk/userfiles/Documents/OfficialStatementonPorkyLights%20(1).pdf' target='_blank' rel='noopener noreferrer'}, explaining: "We have only the interests of our customers at this time."

But if Porky Lights really are only 3%/ half a syn, how has this trouble come about?

Porky Lights
Porky Whites released their own nutritional tests (Credit: G White & Co) ©G White & Co

Well, Chris Price, managing director of G White & Co, shockingly claimed he believes they are be being SABOTAGED by a rival sausage company, saying: "It is possible that this is to discredit us... It’s sour grapes because they cannot make a rival product. I think there is some jealousy."

Slimming World are yet to comment on this development, however if Porky Lights are to be believed (and you can read their statement and view their nutritional tests for yourself here.pdf){href='http://www.porkywhites.co.uk/userfiles/Documents/OfficialStatementonPorkyLights%20(1).pdf' target='_blank' rel='noopener noreferrer'}), then it's good news for Slimming World dieters, as Porky Lights could be back on the menu!

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