Your favourite alcoholic beverage, according to your star sign

It’s official; this is the drink you should be ordering at the bar (according to your horoscope)

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If you thought your horoscope could only tell you about your personality - or who you ought to date - you were wrong.

Because your zodiac can also tell you a lot of other interesting little titbits as well.

Think your favourite sex position and dream engagement ring, for starters!

It can also, according to this Instagram user, at least, tell you which drink you should be ordering at the bar on a big night out.

Are you ready for this?

Your favourite alcoholic beverage (according to your zodiac sign)


Your drink: Vodka & Redbull

Why: Aries people are creative, strong-willed and spontaneous - which makes sense, as they’re fire signs. It makes sense that your drink of choice is one loved by party animals!


Your drink: Red wine

Taurus people are endlessly generous, calm, and very understanding - in short, they have big hearts. And red wine, as we all know, is a drink which needs someone who’s willing to pay it a lot of time and attention. It could only be a Taurus, eh?


Your drink: Beer

Flexible, adaptable, and lots of fun, Gemini people tend to prefer delicious craft beers because they are down-to-earth AND hipster, all at once!


Your drink: Margaritas

Cancer people are home bodies and love to spend time cuddled up with their loved ones - which is why, when they go out for drinks, they go ALL out! Margaritas are the drink of choice for a Crab that really wants to let loose and come out of their shell (trust us).

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Aquarius2 of 13

Aquarius - The creative parent

You love nothing more than helping your kids come up with original ideas for their school projects, and are content spending afternoons at home making things.But, at the same time, you realise that time away from the kids is important.

Pisces3 of 13

Pisces - The push-over parent

Your kids know EXACTLY how to get round you, and you always find yourself giving in to another treat or just one more episode of their favourite TV show. You're the one they come to when they're upset – but don't be afraid to ask for help sometimes!

Aries4 of 13

Aries - The trendy parent

Funny and adventurous – you're the parent all of their friends love. You don't mind so much when your kids say a bad word, so long as they don't make a habit of it. Being slightly impatient, you're not afraid to admit you and the children get on so much better now they're older.

Taurus5 of 13

Taurus - The responsible parent

You're cool under pressure, and your little ones know they can come to you whatever the problem. But you also have high hopes for them, which means you're the parent they really don't want to disappoint.

Gemini6 of 13

Gemini - The unpredictable parent

Absolutely nothing phases you. In fact, you're so prepared for anything, your fellow parents call you super mummy/daddy. Despite this, being a Gemini, the kids know you're always up for a practical joke…

Cancer7 of 13

Cancer - The emotional parent

For you, the worst thing in the world is being separated from your kids – even when they've flown the nest. You will do anything to protect them and, no matter how old they get, they'll always be your babies.

Leo8 of 13

Leo - The pushy parent

There's no doubt about it: your kids are THE best. You want them to be smart and popular – there's no excuse for being a shrinking violet. You're the mum/dad who organises the best parties and you run all of the social groups.

Virgo9 of 13

Virgo - The overprotective parent

Perfection is key for you, and the worst thing would be seeing disappointment in your kids' faces. They're always dressed accordingly to the weather and you wouldn't dream of missing a doctor's appointment.

Libra10 of 13

Libra - The zen parent

Your kids are best friends, because your cool, calm and collected nature means fights are diffused before they've even started. Shouting is a rarity in your home, but you have no problem holding down a punishment if needed.

Scorpio11 of 13

Scorpio - The soccer mum/dad

Much like Leo parents you want your kids to be top of their game for everything. Whether that's ballet or football, swimming or horse-riding – your little ones represent the school in their chosen sport and you'll stop at nothing to keep them there.

Sagittarius12 of 13

Sagittarius - The ‘cool’ parent

Yes – you're the mum from Mean Girls. While your kids do actually want to talk to you about all the sensitive subjects, they sometimes wish you'd stop trying to become besties with their pals. Although, they LOVE that you're always up for a party.

Capricorn13 of 13

Capricorn - The practical parent

Everything in your life, even down to the school run, is like a military operation. You're always on top of things and there's no chance of you being late – for anything. Because of this, your babies know you'll have the solution to any problem, big or small.


Your drink: Champagne

Leos are confident, powerful, and natural born leaders - so of course they’re going to opt for champers whenever they can. It’s the only drink that matches their fabulousness!


Your drink: White wine

Virgo people are smart, sociable, and so much fun to talk to - mainly because they’re so classy and interesting. What better drink for them, then, than a crisp and classic white wine?


Your drink: Cosmopolitan

Libras are creative types, who surround themselves with harmony and beauty - much like Carrie Bradahaw, of Sex And The City fame. So it makes sense that, just like Carrie, they’re best suited to a deliciously fruity Cosmopolitan on a night out.


Your drink: Tequila

Scorpios are bold, confident, and very sexy - but they’re also very mysterious. They’re the sort of person who will oder a shot of tequila, with a wedge of lime on the side, and knock it back in the neatest (and sexiest) way possible. In short? Expect the unexpected.


Your drink: Sake

Sagittarians are focused, driven, intense and VERY philosophical - so it makes sense that they love Japanese rice wine. It’s just as deep and off-the-cuff as they are!


Your drink: Dry Martini

Highly intelligent, driven and organised, Capricorns have all the qualities of James Bond - and they LOVE 007’s favourite drink, too. All hail the martini, shaken not stirred.

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Your drink: Jagermeister

Aquarians are honest, loyal and unorthodox, which makes them great friends to have. They’re also prone to letting loose when they hit the bar, which is why they’re more likely to order a jagermeister than any of their fellow zodiac signs; it’s a surefire route to a fun party.


Your drink: JD & Coke

Pisces are honest, selfless, trustworthy and VERY devoted to their friends and family. A JD & coke is simple and unassuming, just like them, and it’s a seriously no-nonsense option for those who pride themselves on keeping things down-to-earth.

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