The best wine delivery services to bring a box of happiness to your door

Wine delivery? Say no more.

Best wine delivery service

by Jade Moscrop |

There's nothing quite like a glass of wine to chill you out after a hard day of adulting. It's the perfect dinner companion, bath time treat and Friday night drink to have during your Zoom quiz.

If you're tired of not knowing which wines you like, want to try something different or can't be bothered carrying stuff to your car after the weekly supermarket shop, then getting a wine delivery could be for you.

The advantages of buying wine online

As well as the obvious lack of hand-ache as you cart all of your supplies from the checkout, ordering wine online is useful in other ways, too.

First off, you can spend your time choosing wines you know you'll really like by using online reviews, selecting by region and studying the notes and wine brochures as long as you like - no more feeling self conscious to just make a decision and get out of the aisle.

Some cases from wine delivery services are mixed, so you might even find your new favourite wine, which you can then buy in bulk to make sure you'll never run out. Plus, there's usually a HUGE selection of wines available as you'll be choosing from a warehouse, rather than just one aisle.

Finally, buying wine in cases often saves you a bit of money, even for higher quality wines and it will arrive safely at your home, ready for drinking.

So, now you're ready to buy, here are the best wine delivery services in the UK:

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Wine delivery services

Amazon Grocery Delivery
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As well as delivering, well, everything else, did you know you can also get a wine delivery from Amazon? As well as their own branded Compass Road wine range (which is fab, by the way), you can get loads of other well-known brands, and some not so well-known, too. If you have Prime, you'll be treated to free UK delivery and if you subscribe for monthly deliveries, you can save up to 5%.

Majestic Wine Delivery
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Majestic is a big player in the wine game, priding itself on supplying interesting, exciting wines that won't cost you the Earth to drink them. You'll get free standard delivery if you buy six bottles and there are usually offers on to get money off.

Laithwaite's Wine
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Family-run business Laithwaite's prides itself on helping out the little guy, stocking wines from over 450 independent winemakers, whose volumes are too small for the big retailers. With top-notch customer ratings and more box choice than you can shake a stick it, you're in good hands with these guys.

Naked Wines
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Naked Wines' customers fund independent winemakers in return for exclusive access to delectable wines at wholesale prices. Naked believes that this allows the whole process to work more smoothly: better grapes, better winemaking, which means better wine for you. If supporting small businesses is a passion for you, you'll love this.

Waitrose Cellar
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Waitrose has a wonderful selection of wines in store, but the Cellar gives you access to so much more. The handy menu at the side of the web page lets you choose from style, customer rating, vegan, vegetarian, organic and more, so you can really find what works for you.

6 of 7 is an online wine club with a difference - in that it's completely free to join. The platform connects vineyards, producers, distilleries and specialist merchants to bring excellent wines directly to the customer. There are over 50,000 different wines and spirits available from over 40 countries, no hidden charges and no minimum orders, meaning you get the wine at the price you would from the vineyard itself.

Virgin Wines
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At Virgin Wines, you can select a pre-mixed case based on various different categories such as best-sellers, clean and crisp, vegan wines and more, or you can mix a box yourself. There's currently an introductory offer for new customers: £40 off your first order plus free delivery.

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