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TOWIE has returned to our screens and a lot of drama seems to have happened off screen but a recent thing that's come to light is that Courtney Green had 'secret' surgery on her nose.

The reality star shared a photo of her side profile while filming TOWIE and confessed she had the work done before lockdown.

"I had the tip of my nose filled by the lovely emmie @cosmessex. It's something I wanted for ages but was so scared but I couldn't be happier."

On her Instagram Story, she went on to add, "Ps this isn't telling anyone to go and get it done".

Last year Courtney hit back at haters, it all began when one person commented underneath her photo, "You were so much prettier before all the lip enhancements etc. Natural is best for you lovely girl. 💕💕💕".

Court was quick to reply, "So I’m ugly now ? 🥴".

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courtney green
Courtney revealed her secret surgery on social media ©Instagram / courtneymegz

And then another followers replied to the first comment and said, "Totally agree with you!! I just don’t get it... This is botox world 🤣".

However Courtney hit back and wrote, "I actually haven’t had Botox".

This isn't the first time the 25 year old has spoken out about surgery. Back in 2017 she admitted that she "cries all the time" over her body insecurities.

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"My confidence is at an all-time low. All the girls on the show look amazing like Amber [Turner] and Megan [McKenna] and when I see myself in pap shots I just feel down.

"I have a list of stuff I want to do plastic surgery wise but I can’t – my mum will go mad at me. I’m too young.

"I would love a little boob lift and a little bit of everything done but I couldn’t go through with it," she told The Sun.

TOWIE continues on ITVBe at 9pm on Sunday.

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