TOWIE’s Courtney Green hits back over ‘Botox’

"This is Botox world"

courtney green

by Eden-Olivia Lord |

Courtney Green was forced to hit back at surgery claims after one of her followers assumed she had botox.

The TOWIE star shared a glam selfie and simply wrote, "Hi".

And while the majority of her followers were quick to praise her with compliments, one of her followers commented on Court's lips.

"You were so much prettier before all the lip enhancements etc. Natural is best for you lovely girl. 💕💕💕," they wrote underneath her selfie.

The TOWIE star was quick to hit back and question, "So I’m ugly now ? 🥴".

But the drama didn't stop there because another one of her followers replied to the first comment and said, "Totally agree with you!! I just don’t get it... This is botox world 🤣".

However Courtney slammed all the speculation and wrote, "I actually haven’t had Botox".

You go girl.

Some of Courtney's fans were quick to defend her with one person writing, "Courtney you are stunning girl don't pay any notice to these you are beautiful inside and out ❤️".

And another commented, "Who even says this then puts hearts to make it look like it’s not a back handed compliment? Rudeeee".

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It's no secret that TOWIE's Bob enjoys a cosmetic procedure every now and again. He even recently flew off to Turkey for a new nose.

Courtney has previously spoken out about surgery and admitted that she almost had filler in her face but decided against it.

"I felt pressured to go and get cheek fillers and the whole ‘Kylie [Jenner] package.'

"I went to the surgery and then I ended up leaving, and I’m so glad I didn’t because I just looked at myself and thought there isn’t actually anything wrong with the way I look, I’m just doing it because everyone else is," she told Heart.

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And TOWIE fans may remember the emotional episode where Courtney's BFF Chloe Meadows spoke out about her insecurities.

Chloe broke down in tears to her mum and explained, "I'm surrounded by so many pretty girls and they look immaculate all the time. I struggle with it.

"I've been talking about getting some work done. It annoys me that I'm not confident. It frustrates me."

Following the episode, Chloe admitted that Jacqueline Jossa slid into her DMs and sent her the "loveliest" message.

Chloe has since had a breast reduction after admitted she's "hated" her boobs "forever".

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