Made in Chelsea’s Stevie Johnson announces HUGE life change after quitting show

Remember when he dated Stephanie Pratt? That was quite a time.

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If you remember Stevie Johnson on Made in Chelsea then you're probably a cross-generational, diehard fan of the reality show, like us. Hiya. Seriously, we bet you remember Caggie Dunlop, don't you?

If you don't, then we probably own tights older than you, but that's fine. This is a safe space for MiC fans of all ages.

Entrepreneur Stevie Johnson joined Made in Chelsea alongside best friends Andy Jordan and Sam Cussins for the start of series four.

Stevie pretty much did two things during his five series on the show; play referee for posh squabbles and look for a girlfriend. Over the years he hopped around a bit, dating the likes of Poppy Fisher, Riley Uggla and even reality telly legend, Stephanie Pratt.

He eventually started dating Cressida Stewart off camera, a move which resulted in his departure from the show. Away from the cameras, he then went on to date Henrietta Johnson, who he appears to have settled down with as the pair are now married and recently welcomed their first child.

Stevie shared the news with his 306,000 Instagram followers this week, posting two adorable black and white snaps of him with his new son. The first showed his son squeezing Stevie's index finger, the second showed them leaving the hospital together. It's wholesome stuff.

The caption read, "The next chapter begins and we couldn’t be happier ☺️. Welcoming our baby boy 💙."

Stevie's heartfelt post was met with a wave of equally wholesome congratulatory messages from fellow MiC alumni, including Binky Felstead and Oliver Proudlock (a new first-time daddy himself - his little girl, Bonnie Lou Proudlock, is basically a cherub).

Binky wrote, "Congratulations you gorgeous family!! Let the fun begin!!!! 💙".

Oliver wrote, "Come on bro!! ❤️".

Andy Jordan commented, "El Padre❤️".

And James Dunmore said, "Congrats my man".

Does anyone else think E4 producers should collate all the OGs MiC gang and produce a show with all their kids. It would be like a Baby Gossip Girl. Nobody steal this idea, okay?

Why did Stevie Johnson leave Made in Chelsea?

In early 2015, Stevie took to his blog (SO 2015) to make the announcement that he was leaving Made in Chelsea for good. Stevie wrote, “Unfortunately, after an incredible three years, I am stepping down from my role on Made In Chelsea. It is a sad moment for me, but I believe the right decision going forward. I cannot offer the show as much as I used to, and whilst I always enjoyed having my whole life on camera for the viewers to see, I don’t want to continue if I can only give 50%. The show is at its best when the cast are baring all as they give the audience an insight into our real world of Chelsea.

“I had time to sit down and think it over this summer and, with the others filming in LA, it seems like the right time to walk away, for both myself and the show. It would be a hard transition to return having sat out of an incredible series abroad.

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What happened to Stevie Johnson from Made in Chelsea?

Stevie stepped away from the limelight to pursue an off-screen relationship Cressida Stewart in the late 2010s. That didn't work out, but he went on to meet his now wife, Henrietta Johnson. Since leaving the show, he has lived his life away from the public eye. He is CEO of Disrupt Marketing.

Are Lucy Watson and Stevie Johnson still friends?

In 2019, Lucy Watson told Daily Mail that she doesn't "really speak to much of the cast" since leaving the show.

She added, "I still speak to Stephanie [Pratt] and Stevie [Johnson]."

In our heads there's an MIC alumni WhatsApp group.

How old is Stevie Johnson?

Stevie Johnson is 33 years old.

Will Stevie Johnson return to Made in Chelsea?

It doesn't look likely, we're afraid. Unless E4 run with this Baby Gossip Girl idea? Seriously, don't steal that.

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