CBB’s Stephanie Pratt cut ONE surprising thing out of her diet to lose weight

And it really, really isn’t what you think…

Stephanie Pratt

by Hayley Kadrou |
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The reality star recently opened up about her health habits, and out of that came one surprising weight loss tip.

The Made In Chelsea star recently chatted to the Daily Mail about all things health, and explained that while she can’t resist a juicy cheeseburger, cutting out fruit was her key to weight loss success.

The trim 30-year-old told the paper:

“If I’m trying to get slim I’ll cut out fruit just because of the sugar. If I eat a lot of protein I don’t feel hunger. Protein is the key.”

Pass us the steak!

The feisty Chelsea resident also revealed that while she often shuns fruit, she makes sure she does eat vegetables everyday, saying she tried to break her diet down into “70 per cent good and 30 per cent bad.”

But as she’s only human, Stephanie also admitted to having guilty pleasures she indulges in, and her top pick has to be a… Cheeseburger!

“I'll never pass a cheeseburger. But I'm smart about what I eat. The cheeseburger has protein in the meat so I'll take that over a pasta if that makes sense."

Over on her Instragram, the former The Hills star (is there a reality show she’s yet to conquer?!) also revealed her love for Matcha Tea.

She wrote how the newest clean-eating trend helps her “boost energy & metabolism,” before she hits up the gym.

The reality star has come a long way in her approach to healthy living, after previously admitting to having issues with drug abuse.

Speaking to Fashion & Style, she revealed:

“I had a really bad drug addiction, I got arrested a few times, I went to rehab a few times,” she said - and the details of which are laid out in her autobiography Made In Reality.

She also explained that keeping up a healthy lifestyle in London as oppose to LA is much harder, saying:

“The minute I get to London, I want to go out and have a big dinner with all my friends and then go to a club and go dancing. When I arrive in LA, I want to immediately go on a hike and get a juice.”

It’s looks like you’re doing pretty well to us!

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