Jeremy McConnell found GUILTY of attacking Stephanie Davis

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Jeremy McConnell has been found guilty after facing charges of assault against ex-girlfriend Stephanie Davis

Stephanie Davis and Jeremy McConnell have been in court all day after the Irish model was charged following the alleged assault on Steph back in March.

Following the trial, Jeremy was found guilty of attacking his ex-girlfriend with the Judge Wendy Lloyd saying: "This is a sad story, like many of this sort there is much emotion on both sides."

Jeremy has been granted conditional bail but could be sent to prison following his sentence on Friday [11th August].

Rumours that there was conflict between the reality stars began after the former Hollyoaks actress posted a photo of her bruised legs on Snapchat, shortly after Jeremy was arrested on suspicion of "assault and criminal damage". In May, the 27-year-old appeared in court and pleaded not guilty of assaulting the mother of his child.

Earlier today in court Steph claimed that Jeremy thought she was having an affair with a lesbian and a fling with a fireman when he attacked her. According to the Mirror, she explained to the courtroom how he allegedly "threw her around like a ragdoll," which left her believing "this is it, he's going to kill me."

Jeremy McConnell
Jeremy appeared in court following the alleged attack on Steph in March (Credit: SWNS) ©SWNS

Steph went on to say: "He was calling me a slag, that I was fat and that no one would ever want to touch me again.

"He put his thumb into the side of my gums, and that's when I really started to panic. He was having, what I know and what Jeremy knows as, psychotic episodes."

She added: "He took my phone off me, and I was trying to get it off him and he was ragging me everywhere. He bit the inside of my arm."

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The Celebrity Big Brother runner up then went on to explain how the incident was "like something out of a horror movie," after she claims that Jeremy tried to literally smashed a bottle of wine over his own head.

After Steph's mum Pauline appeared at the house, Jez apparently broke down in tears. The actress recalls: "I took Jeremy into the living room and he started crying when he got there.

"Jeremy was refusing to leave. He was also saying to my mum ‘you don’t like me, do you?'"

Stephanie Davis
Steph claims that Jeremy bit her arm during the alleged attack (Credit: FLYNET) ©FLYNET

Things in the court room took a turn for the worst after they had to take a break when Steph broke down in tears why Jez laughed at her from the dock.

The 24-year-old mum screamed: "Jeremy is laughing at me in the court. Why are you laughing? You're a blatant liar. How can he do this to me?"

The judge went on to say both the reality stars behaviour were unacceptable.

Stephanie Davis Jeremy McConnell
Steph and Jeremy are parents to their six-month-old son Caben-Albi (Credit: Instagram / jeremymcconnellcooke) ©Instagram / jeremymcconnellcooke

Following the break, Jeremy spoke about the events that occured earlier this year and admitted he shared a bag of cocaine with two of his friends on the night. The 27-year-old dad went on to deny hitting Steph, he explained: "She was up for an argument, but I was apologetic and trying to calm her down but she continued to hit and kick me."

He went on to say that the mother of his child has self-harmed in the past: "Stephanie is prone to self-harming, I’ve seen her hurt herself.

"When I’m with Steph she’s very nice but when I’m not with Steph she makes it very hard for me."

Last month it came to light that Steph was no longer on bail after she was arrested following an alleged attack on Jeremy, although the mum-of-one is still "under investigation".


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