Jeremy McConnell appears in court and pleads NOT GUILTY to assaulting Stephanie Davies

Jeremy McConnell court assault Steph Davis

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Jeremy McConnell has appeared in court to face charges of assault and criminal damage relating to an attack on his on-off girlfriend Stephanie Davies.

Fans of Jeremy McConnell and Stephanie Davies were shocked yesterday when it was announced that Jeremy, 27, was being charged with assaulting Steph, 24, back in March.

The couple - who have a four-month-old son together - seemed to finally have their tumultous on-off relationship on the right track, with Steph even confessing to Closer that they were talking about having more children together.

Jeremy McConnell court assault Steph Davis
Jeremy only spoke once during the hearing (Credit: SWNS) ©SWNS

Appearing at Liverpool Magistrates Court this morning dressed in a black suit, an embarrassed looking Jeremy pleaded NOT GUILTY to assualting Stephanie on March 10.

He did, however, admit to causing criminal damange - under the value of £5,000 - to her home.

Jeremy McConnell court assault Steph Davis
Steph Davis did not accompany Jeremy to court (Credit: SWNS) ©SWNS

Jeremy only spoke once during the 15-minute hearing, to confirm his address and date of birth.

While Jeremy was accompanied to court by Ray Quinlan, Steph was noticeably absent from proceedings.

Stephanie Davis, Jeremy McConnell
Steph posted this happy pic of the pair Snapchat over the weekend (Credit: Snapchat/ Stephanie Davis) ©Snapchat/ Stephanie Davis


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