Stephanie Davis had the BEST comeback after being body shamed about her stretch marks

Stephanie Davis

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Stephanie Davis gave birth to Caben-Albi in January

Stephanie Davis only gave birth a few months and now she has hit back at a body shamer after they commented on her stretch marks.

In January. the mum-of-one welcomed her first child Caben-Albi into the world. Although she's had a rocky relationship with the father of her child Jeremy McConnell, she recently appeared on This Morning and confirmed they're back together and he's the love of her life.

This week Steph posted a stunning photo of herself on Instagram and wrote: "Thank you to my gawjus team today"

Stephanie Davis
An online troll commented on her stretch marks after she posted this photo (Credit: Instagram / stephaniedavis88) ©*(Credit: Instagram / stephaniedavis88)*

Plenty of fans complimented the reality star but one online troll commented: "She has some bad stretchmarks though."

After seeing the negative comment, Steph hit back and wrote: "Yes, I have stretch marks because I carried a baby for nine months, and fed him and got him strong though feeding off my breasts... how damn amazing is that.

"I love my stretch marks thank you. Pretty shallow of you when I've had a baby 3 months ago to comment on my boobs, but take it as a compliment because you were clearly looking at my lady lumps. Douche"

You tell 'em Steph!

Stephanie Davis
Steph recently appeared on This Morning with her son Caben-Albi to discuss her relationship with Jeremy* (Credit: Instagram / stephaniedavis88) ©*(Credit: Instagram / stephaniedavis88)*

Fans rushed to her defence, one person said: "Stretch marks are something to be proud of. They are our battle wounds and show our biggest achievements in life"

Another wrote: "We have to love our stretch marks because they are there to stay. This picture is gorgeous."

Someone else commented: "Your boobs have done an amazing thing and look amazing anyway"

A fourth person added: "You look stunning, ignore any troll! Jealously is a disease! I have stretch marks too and I'm damn proud of them! My beautiful daughter was the best thing to ever happen to me and because the stretch marks came with her they are a part of me I'd never change!"

Steph isn't the only celebrity who has praised her after giving birth, former TOWIE star Maria Fowler confessed she loves her "mummy tummy" and American singer Pink proudly revealed she hasn't lost any weight since giving birth.

Go mums!

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