Stephanie Davis opens up on how she feels about Jeremy McConnell’s time in rehab

Stephanie Davis Jeremy McConnell

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Jeremy McConnell went to rehab following his downward spiral

It was only last week that Stephanie Davis revealed Jeremy McConnell was heading into rehab and now the former Hollyoaks has opened up about how she's feeling.

Steph and Jez's relationship has done another U turn. It was only recent that the Irish model was arrested for allegedly assaulting his ex-girlfriend, the actress then went on an emotional Twitter rant, Jeremy responded by sharing an adorable video of his son and just when everything seemed to be fine between the pair Steph revealed Jeremy was heading into rehab.

Jeremy McConnell Stephanie Davis Caben Albi
Stephanie Davis revealed Jeremy has a drug problem (Credit: Instagram / jeremymcconnellcooke) ©Instagram / stephaniedavis88

Opening up, she explained: "He [Jeremy] has had a drug problem which he has now admitted to, which is brilliant because for the whole year and the half, when someone can’t admit they have a problem – that’s the problem.

"And now he has admitted it I’m willing to stand by him and help him. He has agreed to go to rehab for six weeks," she told OK! Online.

She then added: "I would never have him around Caben, the way he’s been. He won’t be around Caben until he proves himself."

Stephanie Davis Caben Albi
After Jeremy shared an adorable family photo Steph admitted he won't be allowed near Caben for the time being (Credit: Instagram / stephaniedavis88) ©Instagram / stephaniedavis88

It has been a week since Jeremy revealed he's taking a break from social media following his downward spiral and now Steph has admitted she's proud of him. On Twitter she wrote: "1 week today. Proud."

The CBB runner up liked a bunch of tweets that supported the couple. One person wrote: "By supporting Jeremy she is doing the best by her son it's a very selfless thing to do she's a good mum."

Another said: "Well done @JezzaMcConnell. You are a fab person @Stephdavis77 for your support xx"

Stephanie Davis Jeremy McConnell
Steph recently shared this adorable photo of her family (Credit: Instagram / stephaniedavis88) ©Instagram / stephaniedavis88

Someone else tweeted: "1 wk today, tears in my eyes too so proud of Jez can't wait when Caben sees his daddy again. Family is all, hope you three is OK."

The yummy mummy recently shared an adorable post of herself, Jeremy and their son Caben. She captioned the photo "My family."


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