Stephanie Davis CONFIRMS she’s back with Jeremy McConnell: “He’s the love of my life”

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Stephanie Davis and Jeremy McConnell have had a turbulent relationship since it began in the Celebrity Big Brother house

Former Hollyoaks actress Stephanie Davis has FINALLY confirmed she's back with Jeremy McConnell.

The pair have had a turbulent relationship since 2016 when they both entered the Celebrity Big Brother house. The TV stars started seeing each other in the house (even though Steph was in a relationship) and when they left things didn't get easy and the public was shocked when Steph revealed she's pregnant with Jez's baby.

Throughout her pregnancy Jez denied being the father. He then appeared on This Morning after Caben-Albi was born to do a DNA test and after it was confirmed he's the biological father he stepped up to the mark and the CBB stars began to co-parent their son.

Jeremy McConnell Stephanie Davis Caben Albi
The couple's relationship has been public from the very beginning (Credit: Instagram / jeremymcconnellcooke) ©Instagram / stephaniedavis88

The reality stars then unfollowed each other on social media, it was reported that Jeremy allegedly assaulted Steph and then he was arrested.

Since then the mum-of-one has been on an emotional Twitter rant declaring her love for Jeremy, she revealed the father of her child has a drug problem and he won't be allowed near their son until "he proves himself." The Irish model has since checked into rehab to battle his demons and now during his rehab stint Steph has confirmed they're back together.

Stephanie Davis This Morning
This was Steph's first TV appearance since having her little one (Credit: ITV) ©ITV

Appearing on This Morning, Steph confirmed both herself and Jeremy have moved on from all the drama. She admitted that she is bored of being in the headline. Opening up to Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield, she explained: "I love him. He's the love of my life.

"Right now we're taking it day by day. He wants to be a good dad for Caben.

"I love him he's doing the right thing now and I know it might seem like a joke to everyone and believe me I'm sick of seeing myself in the paper, I'm sick of seeing it online. I agree with everyone that says they're bored of everything."

stephanie davis this morning
Steph brought her adorable son onto This Morning (Credit: ITV)

She continued: "I love him and when you love someone and you're in a relationship – obviously it's been on a different scale because our relationship has been in the public eye... and we haven't helped ourselves - but Jeremy has finally admitted that he needed help."

The reality star admitted she felt emotional after Jeremy was honest about his problem: "I cried for hours.

"It was a weight off my shoulders because I was slowly watching the man that I love kill himself but I'm so proud for Caben that he's sorting his life out."

Jeremy McConnell and Stephanie Davis
Steph publically admitted she's proud of her boyfriend Jeremy (Credit: Instagram / stephaniedavis88)

Steph's previously admitted she wants more children with Jeremy and during her TV interview she further confirmed it: "Yeah, I'll never say never. Of course, I want more. I love Jez. I think that's plain to see."

The former Hollyoaks actress also hit back at Phillip Schofield following Jeremy's interview back in January where the TV presenter agreed with Jez and described the contract Steph wanted him to sign as "unreasonable". Steph has now revealed she thinks the presenters were biased: "I didn't feel like there was anyone sticking up for me.

jeremy mcconnell
In January after Holly and Phil saw the contract Steph wanted Jeremy to sign, Phil agreed that it was "unreasonable" (Credit: ITV)

"It [the terms and conditions] were out of order but you've got to think, I've just had a new born baby, I had the worse pregnancy in the world, my son was in the special care unit…

"I did it with my solicitor, I didn't really read over it myself."

She admitted she was angry at the time but now she's spoken to Jeremy about everything she understands.


Hopefully there will be no more drama between the pair!

You can watch Steph and Caben-Albi's first TV appearance below.

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