Stacey Solomon’s HUGE wedding day dilemma

Stacey and Joe Swash are getting married at Pickle Cottage

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Stacey Solomonhas shared some pre-wedding jitters, three months before marrying fiancé Joe Swash at their family home, Pickle Cottage.

Taking to Instagram, Stacey, who has just landed a second series of her BBC show Sort Your Life Out, told her followers that she's planning to 'walk down the aisle' in her garden through a wooden walkway that has been the centre of many of her Instagram posts. The beautiful walkway is entwined with branches and flowers - but it is pretty long.

Captioning a video, Stacey said, "This morning I had to meet with the caterers, florists & everyone in between because I almost forgot we are getting married in three months time.

"We are on the last part now. The aisle. And my sister just put a load of candles in my kitchen jars at the bottom where we are going to stand and I am crying.

"My whole stomach is turning over. And for some reason I’m so nervous."

stacey solomon
Stacey shared her worries with her Instagram followers ©Instagram

She then asked her followers to solve one of her wedding dilemmas, "Should we just get married half way down the aisle? Because it’s such a long walk.

"Is it too long? I’m scared to walk that far in front of everyone. I think I’ll just end up falling over or laughing at how long it’s taking me to get down the isle. But I love the end of the arches. Help!"

Stacey added, "It’s quite a long walk. It’s quite a way to go! I don’t know if I trust myself!"

stacey solomon
This is where Stacey will walk to marry Joe Swash ©Instagram

She then shared responses from her fans, who all encouraged her to walk down the whole way as "it's her day".

After her fiancé Joe Swash proposed on Christmas Eve 2020 ,Stacey Solomon is getting stuck in with her wedding arrangements, and decided on the wedding venue pretty quick.

Taking to social media to share the exciting news, Stacey told followers, "So after lots of thinking, wondering, phone calls and then crazy rearranging we were so excited to hear tonight that we can definitely have our wedding ceremony at home 😭🥺."

They postponed the wedding in 2021 after announcing that Stacey was pregnant with daughter, Rose, halting proceedings so that "all of the kids can be there".

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Stacey Solomon1 of 14
CREDIT: Instagram/ Stacey Solomon

Stacey with her two sons at Disneyland

Stacey took Leighton and Zachary to Disneyland this summer.

Stacey Solomon2 of 14
CREDIT: Instagram/ Stacey Solomon

In the bath

Stacey received some backlash for taking baths with her sons, but she refused to change her parenting methods just to make some trolls happy.

Stacey Solomon3 of 14
CREDIT: Instagram/ Stacey Solomon

Holiday in Cyprus

The family enjoyed a holiday in Cyprus.

Stacey Solomon4 of 14
CREDIT: Instagram/ Stacey Solomon

Snuggled on the sofa

The Loose Woman recently reached out for advice, wondering at what age most parents are letting their kids have mobile phones.

Stacey Solomon5 of 14
CREDIT: Instagram/ Stacey Solomon

Family time

Joe got in on the action for this big family cuddle.

Stacey Solomon6 of 14
CREDIT: Instagram/ Stacey Solomon

The trio on a teacup

The three musketeers had a snap taken on a teacup ride at a theme park.

Stacey Solomon7 of 14
CREDIT: Instagram/ Stacey Solomon

Ben 10 fans

Stacey uploaded this adorable picture of her two lads dressed up as their favourite TV character - Ben 10.

Stacey Solomon8 of 14
CREDIT: Instagram/ Stacey Solomon

Matching pyjamas

How cute! We wish it was this easy to get kids to wear matching pyjamas...

Stacey Solomon9 of 14
CREDIT: Instagram/ Stacey Solomon

Sunny Southend

Stacey's fans were overjoyed that she had taken her children to visit Southend beach.

Stacey Solomon10 of 14
CREDIT: Instagram/ Stacey Solomon

Lazy Sundays

Stacey uploaded this super sweet snap of herself and Leighton enjoying a lazy Sunday lie-in.

Stacey Solomon11 of 14
CREDIT: Instagram/ Stacey Solomon

Birthday cake pops

Stacey and Leighton enjoyed some cute cake pops for his fifth birthday in May 2017.

Stacey Solomon12 of 14
CREDIT: Instagram/ Stacey Solomon

Meeting Mickey Mouse

The met Mickey Mouse on their trip to Disneyland.

Stacey Solomon13 of 14
CREDIT: Instagram/ Stacey Solomon

First day back at school

Even celebs get all mushy when they see their little 'uns going off to school.

Stacey Solomon14 of 14
CREDIT: Instagram/ Stacey Solomon

Yoga time!

They sure know how to have fun. Stacey, Leighton and Zachary enjoyed some relaxing yoga.

Showing off the "woodland walk" - a pergola-type structure down the centre of her new garden - the 31 year old explained that she would like to do their vows there, and have the reception under the "old barn."

Stacey, Joe and her three sons (Zachary, Leighton and Rex) moved to "Pickle Cottage" in 2021. The property, which has a huge expanse of land and its own swimming pool, is a Tudor-style build in the Essex countryside.

Taking fans round the plot after receiving the news that their wedding could indeed go ahead at home, the Loose Women panellist wrote, "We are having a little minute walking around the garden with the boys thinking where things might be 😭.

"I honestly can not wait to hear your advice, your wedding stories and share this whole adventure with you all 😭😭😭."

stacey solomon at home wedding
Stacey showed off the old barn in her back garden. ©Instagram @staceysolomon

Back in December 2020 when Joe proposed, Stacey shared the moment on her Instagram, showing her followers the beautiful white rose display her fiancé had secretly arranged for her.

She wrote, "Today we went for a walk in the woods... Like we always do 🤍. But it didn't look the same...

"He asked me to marry him and after crying for what felt like a very long time... I said yes 🤍💍."

stacey solomon proposal joe swash
Stacey got engaged last year. ©Instagram @staceysolomon

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Recently, Stacey announced that she's going to be launching her first fashion collection with In The Style, and debuted one of the line's looks on her Instagram.

Showing off the white maxi dress with a gorgeous lemon print, the former X Factor contestant wrote, "🍋 Pinch me 🍋 I can not believe I’m writing this... In The Style have asked me to create my very own collection and it’s all because of you guys 🥺.

"I honestly can’t even tell you how much this means to me."

Stacey's collection goes live on 27 April but, until then, she's been raking in support from her followers, asking for their feedback on fabrics, patterns etc.

Can't wait for the clothes to hit the web? Why not check out Stacey's household tips book, Tap To Tidy? It's on sale NOW.

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