Inside Stacey Solomon’s house and garden where she married Joe Swash

The perfect wedding location in our eyes

by Piper Huxley |

The wedding of the year has happened, as Stacey Solomon and Joe Swash tied the knot at their beloved family home, Pickle Cottage.

Stacey and Joe's big day reportedly took place on Sunday 24 July, in a Jewish ceremony surrounded by their family and friends.

We're still waiting patiently for the pictures.

A source told Mail Online, "Stacey and Joe had the best day of their lives.

"It was exactly everything they had hoped for, the weather was glorious, and they had a joyous day with their children and family.

"It was also important to Stacey for her day to uphold her strong Jewish values, as well as be a modern and fun day for everyone."

Stacey, who has transformed her hair in the run up to her big day, recently shared how she managed to be able to get married in her beautiful back garden, revealing that they will have two weddings in order to have their dream day.

Taking to Instagram stories to clear up any confusion, Stacey replied to a fan who asked her how 'getting married at home' all worked, writing, "Lots of you asking this...

"To get married anywhere legally, the place has to have a 'civil ceremony' licence. One of the requirements for this licence is that the premises must be made "readily available" for ceremonies.

"As this is our private family home and we didn't it to remain that way we couldn't go for that option. So we are having a relaxed private blessing in front of our closest friends & family and a ceremony of our love to each other and we will register our marriage legally after… Hope this helps."

She also revealed that her wedding day will be as sustainable as possible, with the family using Ikea tables, cutlery and tableware that she will then donate to charity.


The BBC Sort Your Life Out host has also got crafty for her wedding day and has shared loads of fun ideas in the lead up, including a wedding door, personalised party bags for the kids and a wedding pergola inspired by her hen do in Greece.

Stacey has pulled out the stops to make Pickle Cottage a forever home. Last year, Stace, her husband Joe Swash and their blended family packed up and moved into their new home: Pickle Cottage.

Sharing the fabulous news on Instagram, she wrote, "🖤 Here’s to the next chapter in pickle cottage 🖤."

On her Instagram, the Loose Women presenter is always sharing snaps of her home.

So while we eagerly wait for her wedding photos, here's a look inside Stacey and Joe's wedding venue aka their house and garden...

Stacey Solomon's garden

When they moved into their new home, Stace was eager to show off her huge garden.

What a treat.


Stacey Solomon Pickle Cottage garden

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First off, can we talk about how absolutely huge it is?! The wooden building looks like a park keeper's hut and we wouldn't be surprised if this space needed it's own ranger.

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We love a good multi-level garden... but wait, is that what we think it is?

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Yep, Stacey, Joe and the boys have got their own enormous pool to splash about in when the sun makes an appearance. Who needs holidays abroad?

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Just another shot that doesn't do justice to how massive this space is, as Stacey thanks fans for their kind messages.

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This isn't just any Wendy house... it's a miniature Tudor manor, naturally. And she's already promised a Tap to Tidy! Obsessed.

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And Rex is already making himself at home.

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Can we expect a produce gardening book next, Stace?

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We're getting serious Midsummer Night's Dream vibes from this gorgeous walkway.

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The beds are already full of gorgeous flower beds, but we're sure Stacey will want to get stuck into planting some of her own.

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And for the colder months, Stacey and the family can still enjoy their garden from their traditional conservatory space.

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You can't beat views like this. Us? Jealous? Never.**Definitely jealous.

Here's what the rest of Pickle Cottage looks like so far...

Stacey Solomon's homeware hacks

Stacey Solomon is impressing everyone with her tips and tricks on how to transform your house by breathing new life into your outdated homeware.

Don't underestimate a charity shop thrift, we say.

Here is one of Stacey's DIY journeys that we're obsessed with.

Stacey Solomon's toilet

Stacey gave us a quick look at her bathroom on Insta, and just like us, her followers were quickly asking all the important questions - where the heck can we get a black toilet, too?

Stacey wrote on Instagram, "'ve never had so many messages about a toilet 😂"

She's an icon, bless her.

Stacey Solomon's Instagram: Black Toilet
stacey solomon's fans went wild for her black toilet ©Stacey Solomon's Instagram

Stacey Solomon's sofa

In an Instagram post captioned "💕 Girls Night 💕", Stacey gave her fans a sneak peek of her new Teddy Boucle Sofa from Sofa Club and we are still obsessed.

They all look super comfy.

To say that we're jealous, is an understatement.

Stacey has finally finished her new front room, decked out in some gorgeous colours and of course, that to-die-for sofa.

Stacey Solomon's Instagram: Her new front room with the new teddy sofa
stacey showed off her new teddy sofa ©Stacey Solomon's Instagram

Previously, Stace had boasted her love of sofa skins. Sofa skins, you ask? Well, they're the ultimate hack to switch up your front room without forking out for a new sofa.

Stacey Solomon's Instagram: Sofa Skins
stacey revealed how she got her sofa skin ©Stacey Solomon's Instagram

Stacey Solomon's bathroom

In April, Stace shared a snap of her in her new Blue Loo.

We're still obsessed with that pale blue colour. She mentioned that her dad gave her a helping hand with the fiddly bits but she's so proud of her hard work.

Isn't she the sweetest? She wrote in the caption, "I can’t wait to pretend to do really long poos in here just to get some me time 😂".

Honestly, that's such a mood, Stace.

She took to her Insta Stories to show off the fine details too...


CHECK OUT: Stacey's Blue Loo

Sink & Cuppa
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CREDIT: Stacey Solomon's Instagram

Aren't the floral blue patterns adorable? Stace poses with a cuppa. A girl after our own heart.

Toilet Accessories
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CREDIT: Stacey Solomon's Instagram

Stacey shows off some toilet accessories. We love them.

Stacey's toilet before the makeover.
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CREDIT: Stacey Solomon's Instagram

This was what the toilet was like before. Can you believe it?

More Accessories
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CREDIT: Stacey Solomon's Instagram

We're loving all the detail she's put into this project. The colours are so pretty and everything looks well thought out. She's a superstar interior designer.

Cheers, Stace.

Rex's bedroom and bathroom

Stacey shared Rex's panda-themed bedroom on Instagram with this caption, "I can not wait to watch you grow up in here little one, just not too quickly please 🥺".

Doesn't the room look so cute? We're obsessed with the panda theme.

Rex looks so happy too, bless him.

Recently, Stacey also shared the bathroom for her youngest son, Rex, which featured a bath and shower and dinosaur-themed accessories – which are apparently the two year old's favourites.

In her Instagram photo, which had little Rex beaming, she wrote, "🦖 Dino Bathroom 🦖 Done ✔️ Rex you melt my whole heart".

Our hearts, too, Stace. Hasn't she done a great job?

Rex’s reaction to his mum’s surprise truly had us crying (just a little) and Stacey also shared videos of him exploring every inch of his new bathroom. Cuuuuute.

Rex playing dinosaurs
Rex playing with dinosaurs in his bathroom ©Stacey Solomon's Instagram

Stacey Solomon's nursery

Before Rose was born in October, Stacey shared her room on Instagram and it's heaven. Decorated ceiling to floor in various shades of pink, this room is so gorgeous.

Stacey captioned the photoset, "Our Baby Girl's Room - Done ✔️"

It's the cutest addition to the family home, that's for sure. After baby Rose, of course.

Hopefully, Stacey will be sharing more snaps of her gorgeous house soon.

We can't wait to see what she does next.


CHECK OUT: Stacey's DIY Hacks

Before: Stacey shows some glassware that she thrifted
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CREDIT: Stacey Solomon's Instagram

Just check out the before and after once Stacey has worked her magic on those charity shop thrifts.

After: Stacey's glass thrifts have transformed into beige and trendy homeware.
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CREDIT: Stacey Solomon's Instagram

We're all looking to cut costs where we can, and as Stacey shows it's a lot easier, quicker and cheaper than you might have imagined.

During: Stacey spray paints her thrifts
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CREDIT: Stacey Solomon's Instagram

"It's so easy and quick - spray painting (my favourite thing) ud83dude02 it just instantly transforms things ud83eudd29," Stace said on her Instagram Story.Stacey revealed the name of the Rust-Oleum Spray Paint (£11)to her 5 million followers after so many of them were asking about it. Looks fab.

Stacey's posts are not always positive, however, as she recently shared a picture of her swimming pool tiles on her Instagram story with the caption, "sooo many of you asking to see the tiles...

"But I know this is the most unrelatable content ever 🤦🏼‍♀️ so I'm sorry 🤍 I do cringe sharing it 🤍. I almost feel embarrassed for some reason 🙈.

"But you guys genuinely ask about it very single day so here's the update! Pickle Cottage came with this pool, but it needed a safety update and fixing and it's finally coming together 🤍."

@staceysolomon's Instagram story
©@staceysolomon's Instagram story

She continued, "The original people who started on it just left the job in the middle of it so it's taken over a year to get to this point, so I do get excited to see it near an end 🤍."

Stacey had no need to feel embarrassed about sharing her tiles and her followers soon put her at ease by responding to the story. Stacey shared some of these responses in her next post.

One person wrote, "Looks amazing so far! Never be embarrassed, you have worked your arse off for pickle cottage &and we all LOVE you tonnes! Please keep sharing it all with us!"

@staceysolomon's Instagram story
©@staceysolomon's Instagram story

Another responded, "Don't be embarrassed ever of sharing what is rightfully earned and yours and your family's to treasure.

"You're not a show off, you're very lucky and you realise this which is what makes following your journey so much more beautiful and special xx."

Another person wrote, "Don't be embarrassed, you've worked hard for it! Think of yourself as an inspiration for people. You've come from being a you single mum to having the house you've dreamed of all through your hard work! Be proud!!! Xx."

Someone else reached out to say, "Do not feel on any way cringe about sharing this. You moved into a house you worked hard for and it happened to have a pool. We are all desperate to see it and nothing but happy for you. It already looks FABULOUS!"

Stacey responded to these messages in the post, saying, "I honestly f---ing love you all so so much. Thank you for being the absolute best insta family ever. And I'll keep you updated."

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