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Siannise Fudge Luke Trotman

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Cast your mind back to the January of 2020 (a pre-pandemic past) and you’ll remember a love story for the ages.

It was the meeting of two souls, the collision of two hearts and the start of an enduring love affair of our times.

Luke Trotman and Siânnise Fudge entered the Love Island villa in South Africa and their lives (and ours, tbh) were changed forever when they fell head over heels in love in front of the nation.

Siânnise Fuge Luke Trotman

As far as series success stories go, 2020 has a pretty high rate of couples that’ve lasted but Siânnise and Luke T, who placed runners up to Paige Turley and Finn Tapp, are definitely one of our fave Love Island couples EVER.

From their first meeting to their final date at an actual castle, here’s a look back at their relationship timeline.

Where did Luke Trotman and Siânnise Fudge meet?

Siânnnise was one of the original 2020 Love Island line up but after failed dalliances with Nas Majeed and Connagh (with a G) Howard, it wasn’t looking too good for her.

Siânnise Fuge Luke Trotman
Their first date ©ITV

But when bombshell Luke arrived alongside Luke Mabbott, it was clear there was instant chemistry between them. Luke T impressed Siânnise with a candlelit dinner AND pronouncing her name correctly, and they’ve gone from strength to strength ever since.

Luke T, Siânnise and the princess crown

In possibly one of the best Love Island episodes EVER, Luke asked Siânnise to be his girlfriend in the villa in the most adorable way.

Playing on Siânnise’s love for Disney princesses, Luke lead her on a magical quest around the villa, where she had to solve clues to move onto the next challenge. Her prize? Luke T’s handmade crown and the offer to make things official.

Siânnise Fuge Luke Trotman
The famous Princess crown ©ITV

In pap shots of the Islanders arriving home after the final, Siânnise can be seen clutching the paper crown and told us that she’d carried it with her the whole way home from South Africa so that it wasn’t damaged.

Did Luke T and Siânnise win Love Island 2020?

Luke T and Siânnise placed second in season 6, with Paige Turley and Finn Tapp (who are also still together) crowned the winners. Demi Jones and Luke’s pal Luke M placed third, with Jess Gale and Ched Uzor landing fourth place.

Siânnise Fuge Luke Trotman

Do Luke T and Siânnise live together?

Love Islanders move FAST at the best of times, but almost immediately after landing back on UK soil the world was plunged into a pandemic. Siânnise spent time living with Luke’s family in Luton, before the couple ended up moving to a flat in London where they still live together.

Do Luke T and Siânnise have kids?

Not yet, but it looks like kids are certainly something they both see in their future together.

Speaking back in February 2020 (when they’d only been together a few weeks!), Luke said, "We want four kids. We’ve said once we’re stable financially, and in our relationship, I think we’d do it."

Siânnise Fuge Luke Trotman
With Rocky during the parenting challenge ©ITV

Siânnise agreed, "We are very family orientated and that’s why we are so connected as well because we have the same feelings about family.

"Kids are always something I’ve wanted and I know it is what Luke wants, too."

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Do Luke T and Siânnise have a dog?

Are you ready for CUTENESS OVERLOAD?

Back in January Siânnise and Luke jumped on the lockdown puppymania and welcomed a baby cockapoo to their family.

Introducing her on Instagram with a couple of insanely adorable family photos, Siânnise wrote, “Nala Trotman-Fudge 💛.”

Are Luke T and Siânnise married?

Again, no, but given the track record of previous second place Love Islanders (including Alex and Olivia Bowen and Jess and Dom Lever) it could certainly be on the cards.

Although we hope they will keep Trotman-Fudge as their last name because it’s just got a ring to it, doesn’t it?

Did Luke T and Siânnise have a full English?

Siânnise Fuge Luke Trotman
They got that Full English in the end ©Closer


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Every year a new language is invented to talk about S-E-X in the Love Island villa and for the 2020 series the boys adopted breakfast items to refer to various bases – with the deed itself known as a Full English.

Speaking exclusively to Closer in their first interview after arriving back from South Africa, Luke confirmed, "First thing we did after leaving the villa, was had a full English breakfast," he said.

"It is code, yes."

And Bristol’s finest export Siânnise wasn’t coy about it either, adding, "It was lush, wasn’t it?"

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