Peter Andre whisks family off on amazing skiing holiday

Pete Andre

by Daisy Jordan |
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Peter Andre knows how to treat his family!

The Mysterious Girl hitmaker has whisked his wife Emily and his children off on an amazing skiing holiday and he's been making us envious with his Instagram snaps.

The adorable family seem to be having a whale of a time - especially the kids.

In a video posted to Pete's Instagram page, the couple's three-year-old daughter Amelia can be seen sitting in his lap and yelping in delight as they sleigh down a hill together.

Pete captioned the video, "We forgot Bista: Amelia having the time of her life".

The TV personality rarely shares videos of the couple's children Amelia, three, and one-year-old Theo, as his wife Emily prefers to keep them out of the spotlight.

However he regularly shares pictures and videos of his two children with ex-wife Katie Price and this holiday was no exception.

In another vid taken on their holiday, Junior, 12, and Princess, 10, could be seen marvelling at the snow.

"Skiing is gonna be amazing," he wrote alongside it.

Last month, the dad-of-four admitted he was desperate to have more kids with Emily.

He said, "I tell Emily every day that I want us to have another baby!

"After Theo I was like, right that's it, no more children. I was so adamant I didn't want any more, but now it's changed."

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Peter Andre and Emily MacDonagh have been together for 3 years! Happy anniversary!

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