Gary Barlow reveals his diet and fitness secrets on Instagram

Gary Barlow

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Gary Barlow is in fantastic shape.

And now you can follow his lead, as the Take That star has been posting his health tips and tricks on Instagram for all the world to see!

This week saw the singer start his very own Barlow's Bootcamp, or #bb as he likes to call it.

And first up, Gary stressed the importance of food planning for his week ahead.

Alongside a snap of his impressive collection of recipe books, the star wrote, "Planning my food for next week. Back to business. Hard work and a heathy life style go hand in hand. Real food as your fuel. #barlowsbootcamp".

And Robbie William's mate also encouraged fans to keep a food diary to prevent overeating.

"A daily diary of food, drink and exercise is a great way of seeing where you’re going wrong. I even log my water intake to make sure I’m getting enough," Gary wrote on Instagram.

He also encouraged his followers to keep sipping water, writing, "Being hydrated is a fabulous feeling. Most of us never know it. It also keeps the hunger pains away. I’ll post a pic of my diary each day. Try it. Check my stories for my every day rituals."

The following day, Gary posed alongside influencer Shona Virtue as the pair did yoga together and encouraged his fans to give it a go.

"Been making some clips today with my friend @shona_vertue Dawn and I love her vids and advice," he wrote.

"Don’t be scared, especially guys. Can’t tell you how much yoga helps me on a daily basis #BarlowsBootcamp".

But when the weekend hits, Gary claims rest is important. Phew!

"It’s the weekend so just a bit more time to myself," he wrote.

"Love a pre breakfast walk with just a bottle of water. Fresh air and exercise is the best. The dogs agree !!

"I’ve been eating carefully for 3 days now and it’s already starting to pay off. Unbroken 9 hour sleep last night. Feel amazing today. Clarity. Meditated in bed for 20 mins this morning followed by a light stretch. 2018 is here #barlowsbootcamp".

Meanwhile on his Instagram stories, Gary has been showing his followers how to cook healthy meals and drinks, from energising dahl, to bloat-beating turmeric lattes.

Gary was five stone heavier during during Take That's heyday, but decided to take action when his weight left him feeling miserable.

In 2013, he explained, “I’ve made big changes. I take exercise more seriously now and I’m big on well-being. I eat well, do an acupuncture session a week and I try to sleep well and do things to aid good sleep.

“I don’t eat sugar, I don’t eat fried foods and I stay away from McDonald’s and chips, and things like that."

Take that

The former X Factor judge would try fad diets to ditch the weight, but it wasn't until he overhauled his health for good that he finally hit a happy weight.

"For years I did every diet going – Atkins, the works – and I couldn’t work out why I couldn’t sustain the weight loss," he continued.

“I’ve just not got the sort of body where I can pick and choose what I eat. I’ve got to go for one thing and stick by it. So I’ve tried not to have sugar and caffeine, etc, and it’s boring, it’s really boring.

gary barlow take that

"But it works for me. The result is that I feel good."

You look good too, Gary!

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