Peter Andre reveals Tamara Ecclestone inspired him to post Emily’s breastfeeding photo

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Tamara Ecclestone has been very vocal about posting breastfeeding photos and has now influenced Peter Andre to do the same

Peter Andre and his wife Emily Macdonagh are usually very private with their children Amelia and Theodore but recently the Mysterious Girl singer posted a photo of his wife breastfeeding their son. Captioning the photo, he wrote: "I walked in and saw this. Just perfect #HungryLad"

And while many fans praised the pair for sharing such a wonderful moment the dad-of-four has now opened up on his decision to post the picture. After receiving a lot of attention from the photo he admitted both himself and Emily were inspired to normalise breastfeeding after Tamara Ecclestone "protested against people criticising women who do it."

Peter Andre Emily Macdonagh breastfeeding
Like Tamara, Emily wants to normalise breastfeeding (Credit: Instagram / peterandre) ©Instagram / peterandre

Peter confessed: "Emily admired her [Tamara] for speaking out. And like Tamara, she wants breastfeeding to be normalised. It's not something that should be frowned upon.

"Of course there are women who can't or don't breastfeed, and this has nothing to do with that. But for those who do, it's the most natural thing in the world," he argued on his new! Magazine column.

The singer admitted he was in disbelief at the backlash Tamara received after posting her photos on Instagram. He added: "I have no idea when Emily plans to wean Theo off the breast, but I know she'll do it when she feels it's right for or son."

Peter Andre baby son Theodore
Theo is three-months-old (Credit: Instagram / peterandre

Earlier this month Tamara Ecclestone posted an incredible photo of herself breastfeeding her almost-three-year-old daughter on social media. Attempting to normalise breastfeeding she wrote: "Thank you @ivetteivens for capturing this beautiful moment this is by far my favourite photograph but mainly thank you for spreading this message. Breastfeeding is a powerful demonstration of love and nurturing yet it has become so normal to hide. I want to take normal and toss it."

Tamara Ecclestone
The yummy mummy admitted breastfeeding is a "powerful deomstration of love" (Credit: Instagram / tamaraecclestoneofficial) ©Instagram / tamaraecclestoneofficial

Even though plenty of people praised the mum-of-one for posting the photo and promoting breastfeeding lots of people slammed her decision.

The model defended the way she has chosen to feed her daughter: "[I] Find it a very sad and surprising sign of the times and the world we live in that the act of breast feeding your child evokes such hatred in so many bitter people.

"I am astonished that breast feeding mums get such a hard time as there is no reason why we should.

"I would never ask someone when they will take away their toddlers bottle or follow on formula or cows milk or dummy or comforter nor do I judge those who choose to formula feed their children of give them cows milk."

Tamara Ecclestone breastfeeding
Tamara plans to normalise breastfeeding (Credit: Instagram / tamaraecclestoneofficial) ©Instagram / tamaraecclestoneofficial

She continued to say: "I support and empower all mums and I personally believe hatred is so heavy and bad for the soul.

"I hope by the time Fifi is a mumma people who have chosen to be open about their breast feeding journey will mean that seeing a picture of a mum feeding their child won't evoke any reaction and that it is seen only for what it is a mum doing her best.

"To me there is nothing but love in this photograph and I find is such a shame that it brings out anger in some of you it's sad for you that that's how you choose to live particularly those that have made comments trying to sexualise breastfeeding are particularly unwell."

Tamara Ecclestone
The mum-of-one has shut down claims that her breastfeeding photos are sexual (Credit: Getty Images) ©Getty Images

She finished her statement on Instagram by saying: "I chose love. I want my daughter to grow up in a better world where this is nothing but normal in a better world."

This isn't the first time the Formula 1 heiress has had to defend breastfeeding. During her appearance on Loose Women she admitted she finds it "bizarre" that people make such a big fuss over her photos.

How do you feel people trying to normalise breastfeeding? Are you totally for it or against? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter.

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