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Jodie kicked off big time...

The disappearance of Madeleine McCann is one of the biggest missing child cases of the last few years.

Since little Maddie tragically disappeared back in May 2007 whilst on holiday in Portugal with her family, many people have given their opinions on what they think happened to her.

And as the investigation draws to a close in its final year of searching for the young girl, who was just three-years-old when she went missing, investigative journalist Mark Williams-Thomas gave his two pennies worth to Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby on This Morning earlier today.

Investigative journalist Mark Williams-Thomas appeared on This Morning with a new theory about what happened to Madeleine McCann (Credit: ITV) ©ITV

But as he did, former glamour model Jodie Marsh vented her frustrations at the case, shockingly even blaming Maddie's parents Gerry and Kate McCann for her disappearance, despite there being no evidence that they were involved.

Whilst Mark was explaining his theory that Maddie left the holiday apartment to go and look for her parents, Jodie angrily tweeted that they "should concentrate on finding Maddie," rather than being "concerned with all this legal action."

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She first retweeted a tweet that Katie Hopkins had written, which linked to an article about the missing Maddie case, and said: "Nothing in the McCann story reads well to the mum in me. I'm not buying."


She then wrote: "In my opinion, it's all going to come crashing down for the McCanns..."


As people started to respond in agreement with her, Jodie retweeted one and wrote: "I must admit, if it were my child I'd be on my hands & knees digging up the earth with my bare hands! Nothing else would matter..."


She then wrote: "My dog went missing for 10 mins the other night & I was running up the street screaming her name like a lunatic. I was beside myself...

"And if I was so hysterical over my dog, the hysteria would be ten fold if it were my child. I wouldn't be suing people. I'd be SEARCHING."


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Ignoring the extensive efforts made by Kate and Gerald McCann over the years to find their missing daughter, the 38-year-old then posted a YouTube clip of Kate McCann and wrote: "If someone told me that a void in the earth had been found I would NOT dismiss it. I would dig the earth myself!!!


"If my child was missing, I wouldn't care who said what about me. I would just want to FIND HER!!!!!"


Jodie retweeted one person who had written: "I was just thinking the same thing.. more concerned with getting the "suspect" status removed from them rather than finding her."


However, not everyone agreed with Jodie. One person tweeted her: "Do you actually think they had something to do with her disappearance? I'm not too sure."

Another wrote: "Don't jump the gun lest ye wish to be judged equally."

Not everyone agreed with Jodie (Credit: Instagram/ Jodie Marsh) ©Instagram/ Jodie Marsh

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Journalist Mark explained his theory on the This Morning sofa today, saying: "It’s such a well trodden story by so many and such a difficult story to tell now because there are so many legal implications."

Kate and Gerry McCann in an appeal for information about their daughter Madeleine (Credit: Getty Images) ©Getty Images

He went onto claim that: "On that morning of Madeleine's disappearance, we do know she went to Gerry and Kate and said: 'Where were you last night?'

"Because we know the twins did wake up on days prior to her disappearance. And I think as a result of that, Madeleine was clearly aware they were in the tapas bar that was in the resort.

"Now the interesting element in that is in order to get to the tapas bar you had to actually come out of the premises, walk on a public road to go back in again.

"And that raises a concern I have in regards to Madeleine I believe woke up in the middle of the night, she went looking for Gerry and Kate and she left the apartment and went out. Because we know the patio door at the back was insecure."

Phillip then stepped in, explaining: "Legally we have to leave it there."

The McCanns have yet to comment on the This Morning programme or the allegations made by Jodie Marsh.

Do you agree with Jodie? What do you think of Mark's theory? Let us know over on Facebook and Twitter.

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