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It looks like these two TOWIE star have been caught editing their Instagram photos

In the past TOWIE stars such as Lauren Goodger and Kate Wright have been accused of photoshopping photos they’ve posted on social media and now Gemma Collins and Megan McKenna have been called out for editing their photos.

They were recently in Tenerife filming for the newest season on the ITVBe show which left Gemma in the hospital and now since their return their Instagram followers have called them out on their pictures.

Gemma posted a photo of herself on Instagram looking gorgeous and although plenty of her 300,000 followers complimented her look and her weight loss a few pointed out that the floor in the photo looks like it has been edited.

Gemma Collins
Fans noticed the tiles in the photo look edited (Credit: Instagram / gemmacollins1) ©Instagram / gemmacollins1

One person commented: "The wobbly f—king floor. Why f—king lie to people about losing weight you sad f---"

Another wrote: "Look at the curved floor tiles… edited! Instagram is so fake"

A third person argued: "Gemma you go on and on about how to be confident with the real you and be proud of who you are. Yet you photoshop the real you! This contradicts everything you claim to stand for! You clearly are very unhappy with who you are. So don't claim to be proud and an advocate for bigger people. Because they look up to you. And all you are doing is letting them down by Photoshopping you pics!"

Someone else said: "If anybody can't see that she has photoshopped herself to look slimmer, you're as stupid as she is"

gemma collins snapchat
Some of Gemma's fans defended her decision (Credit: Instagram / gemmacollins1)

Although some people defended the 36-year-old. One person argued: "How is that affected your life whether she does it or not."

Someone else said: "So what if she's edited it grow the f--- up if she's happy what's it go to do with you."

Megan McKenna called out for "staging" an Instagram photo

Gemma isn't the only TOWIE star who has been slammed by fans. Megan recently posted a photo of herself and co-stars in Brick Lane and captioned the photo: "Going all Sex and the City… Towie style #ImCarrie #Towie"

Megan McKenna
Megan was also called outg for faking her Instagram photo (Credit Instagram / Megan_McKenna_ ©Instagram / megan_mckenna_

But a few of her followers claimed the reality stars hadn't actually gone shopping and instead asked where the luxury brand shops were in Brick Lane.

One person commented:" "I walked past you, not brick lane and nowhere near any clothes shops #emptybags"

Another argued: "Lol where's Prada in Brick Lane? It's all curry houses and wholesalers"

Megan McKenna
Megan's followers pointed out that there isn't a Prada in Brick Lane (Credit: Instagram / Megan_McKenna_ ©Instagram / megan_mckenna_

Someone else said: "Imagine pretending to go shopping! The bags have nothing in them, one of Megan's bags is completely folded"

A fourth person wrote:"If I went into Christian Louboutin and came out with a bag like that I would want a refund. Such a fake picture"

Others commented:

"Staged photo!"

"Bless them, trying to live a life they don't have"

megan mckenna snapchat
Fans slammed Megan and her co-stars for "faking" their Instagram photo (Credit: Instagram / megan_mckenna_

"Your mate on the right should get a refund for getting that battered bag from Louboutin!"

"LOOOL you weren't going all Sex and the City love! Empty bags mate I'm in tears of laughter"

Luckily a few of Megan's 1.7m followers defended the 24-year-old star. One person wrote: "Everyone's having a fit that they have empty bags, so what? The TOWIE producers probably told them to do this. Megan can clearly afford a wardrobe full of designer gear so who cares if she has an empty bag for filming? People are so sad"

megan mckenna pete wicks NTA
Do you think the TOWIE stars edited their photos? (Credit: Getty Images) ©Getty

"Someone else argued: "For 1 she can afford a lot more than all of you and 2 so what if they are empty bags it's obviously for the show"

Another wrote: "Why are people so put out by them filming with empty bags ffs!? Get over yourselves… is it affecting your lives THAT much??"

This isn't the first time TOWIE has been slammed for being staged. Back in September a woman posted a video of the extras dancing to no music on set. She captioned the video: "Cannot believe #towie isn't real and all staged"

At the time an insider revealed: "Cast and crew have always been honest that about some scenes needing more staging in order for dialogue to be heard, but they have also always emphasised that the emotions and relationships that are shown are always completely real," they told The Sun.

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