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Peter Andre opens up to Closer Online about his Greek heritage, Peppa Pig and working with Oykos Yoghurts for the second year running

Peter Andre has revealed that he is teaching his children all about their Greek heritage with the help of beloved children's TV character Peppa Pig.

Peter, 44, explained that he had come up with a novel way of teaching this three-year-old daughter Amelia to be fluent in Greek, the language his Greek Cypriot family all speak.

Peter teaches three-year-old Amelia to speak Greek with the help of Peppa Pig (Credit: Instagram/ Peter Andre & Channel 5) ©Instagram/ Peter Andre & Channel 5

He revealed to Closer Online: "The kids are really into their Greek heritage. Almost half of Amelia's words are in Greek now, she's learned so many!

"It all started with an idea I had. I thought to myself, how do I find a way to make her learn Greek when I speak English at home and Emily speaks English at home?'

"I'm quite happy actually because it's a bit of a genius idea! So Amelia loves Peppa Pig, and it just dawned on me that there would surely be a Greek version online of the show?"

Peter Andre Princess Andre Theo
Nine-year-old Princess with four-month-old baby Theo (Credit: Instagram/ Peter Andre) ©Instagram / peterandre

"Before I knew it, I'd found the entire series in Greek! She's basically learned how to speak Greek from watching Peppa Pig."

Peter explained that he then consolidates Amelia's learning with his own additions, saying that they point out things that are referenced in the show and say them in Greek.

He offered advice to other parents wanting to teach their kids another language: "If anyone's got kids and they want to teach them another language, just search for their favourite shows on YouTube and find it in that language and I almost guarantee you they'll have it."

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Peter Andre
Peter is the new face of Oykos Greek-style yoghurts! (Credit: Oykos)

Peter, who has been married to his wife Emily MacDonagh for two years this July, is the face of Oykos' Greek-style yoghurts for the second year running. This year, Oykos is offering the chance to win an 'Oykos Island Escape' WITH Peter to go on holiday to the Greek Island of Mykonos by way of a promotion on the yoghurt packs.

He said: "I'm so proud to be part of this brand because it's a Greek yoghurt – it's a nod to my Greek heritage and it's a nice fit for me.

"It's the second year we're working together and I think the whole Greek thing just gives it that extra kudos."

He also rubbished rumours that he was embroiled in a feud with TOWIE-star-turned-TV-presenter Mark Wright after he was chosen over Mark to be the face of the campaign.

Peter is pals with Mark really! (Credit: Getty Images) ©Getty Images

Peter said: "Everybody knew that I was joking when I said that Mark Wright was Mark Wrong because he clearly wasn't right for the brand as he's not Greek, but for those who didn't think I was joking – of course I was joking!

"I love Mark, he's a good guy. It was all just a bit of a laugh but you know what people are like sometimes.

"He's a really nice guy and I'm actually flattered because, of course, he's about 15 years younger than me so it means a lot to me that I was chosen."

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