Peter Andre has Princess’ career already planned out and it might surprise you…

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Peter Andre has Princess' career path already sorted

Peter Andre, dad-of-four to Junior, 11, Princess, nine, Amelia, three and Theo, four months, has revealed the job he has set out for his eldest daughter and it might surprise you.

Princess has recently been in the headlines following a family holiday in the Maldives; her mum Katie Price caused a stir on social media after posting "inappropriate photos" of her daughter on Instagram and then the nine-year-old proved she's her mother's daughter after posing in a family photo.

In the past we've seen Katie and Peter's children Junior and Princess become presenters on TV, they've been on Loose Women and Princess and Junior's Quick Guide to Blackpool but it seems that her dad already has her career pathed out and that's to be a nun!

Katie Price's daughter Princess Andre
Peter Andre wants Princess to be a nun (Credit: Instagram / officialkatieprice) ©Katie Price/Instagram

The Mysterious Girl singer who hopes his children will go to university revealed his career plans for Princess: "I tell her she is going to be a nun anyway so she knows that.

"I've shown her a couple of churches on the way to school. She rolls her eyes and goes 'no dad' but I've told her she will love it," he joked to the Daily Star.

He added: "I've even shown her a picture of a habit that she can wear but she isn't keen on that."

Peter Andre
Last year Peter spoke about his career plans for his daughter (Credit: Instagram / peterandre)

This isn't the first time Peter has spoken about his plans for Princess, he previously said she'll be going to a nunnery when she turns 16.

Aww Princess.

It seems that Peter might be in the doghouse with Emily MacDonagh AGAIN after he recently shared another photo of his son Theo on social media.

In the adorable image, Princess is feeding her little brother Theo and although you can't see the little ones face fully it’s safe to say fans found the moment heartwarming. One person said: "She is proper hands on! Bless her. She'll make the best mum, in about 20 years though"

Peter Andre Princess Andre Theo
Fans praised Peter for his parenting technique which involves Princess feeding Theo (Credit: Instagram / peterandre) ©Instagram / peterandre

Another wrote: "This is the cutest picture... sibling love is the cutest… x"

Someone else added: "Amazing how all the step-parents treat their children...that's one thing I've always admired about your families"

A fourth person commented: "Look how beautiful that is. How long before they are fighting over the bathroom or the remote control. One day these photos are all we have to remind them they used to be nice to one another. X"

Peter Andre Princess Andre Theo
Princess recently returned from her family holiday in the Maldives (Credit: Instagram / peterandre) ©Instagram / peterandre

Although one of Pete's Instagram followers pointed out that Theo is too young to eat solid food. They argued: "Isn't she [Emily] a doctor for god's sake. She should know the detrimental effects of early weaning more than anyone. It's 26 weeks for a reason, and has been for over 10 years."

Some of Peter's 600k followers defended his parenting technique, with one person saying: "Careful the weaning police will be on your case lol he's only 4 months btw none of mine got to 6 months just await the I'm the best mum comments lol x"

Another wrote: Most of baby porridge starts from 4 months. Plus it's there baby not yours!! If they wanted to feed him early that's up to them. My baby boy was on porridge at 4 months!"

Someone else joked: "Pete you're going to be in Emily's bad books again. Worth it though for sharing this adorable pic xx"

When did your little one start eating solid food? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter.

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