Peter Andre rules out having more children and says his family feels ‘complete’ now


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Peter Andre has revealed that he does NOT want any more children

Although Peter Andre and his wife Emily MacDonagh only welcomed their newest addition to the family last November, Peter has already ruled out having any more children.

Despite considering a third child together (and fifth for Peter in total), the couple have now decided against it.

Speaking to OK! Magazine, Peter explained that four-month-old Theo was not yet sleeping through the night, and that it was taking its toll on his and wife Emily's health.

Peter Andre Emily Macdonagh breastfeeding
Emily breastfeeding baby Theo (Credit: Instagram/ Peter Andre) ©Instagram / peterandre

He said: "Emily’s not in a rush to have more children – we have our hands full with Theo. Emily's too shattered to think about having another baby until Theo's sleeping through."

The singer then added that their family feels "complete" after having Theo: "After having Amelia, we said we wanted at least one more. But now that we've got Theo our family feels complete. But you never know what might happen!"

This echoes comments he made yesterday on Lorraine when she asked him whether they would be having any more kids.

Peter chatted to Lorraine yesterday (Credit: ITV) ©ITV

He immediately shot out that he categorically did NOT want any more children, saying: "Absolutely not! Not unless they invent a 24-hour coffee system."

He then quickly backtracked, saying: "No, I shouldn't say that. I haven't asked my wife."

Realising that it is indeed a decision to make together, he then said: "She decides, you know. Happy wife, happy life."

Hmm. Make sure you speak up, Pete!

Peter Andre Princess Amelia
Peter's daughters Princess, nine, and Amelia, three, playing together (Credit: Instagram/ Peter Andre) ©Instagram / peterandre

Peter, 44, who has Junior, 11, and Princess, nine, with ex-wife Katie Price, is also dad to Amelia, three, and six-month-old Theo with his 27-year-old wife Emily.

He spoke about the lack of sleep that all new parents face, saying: "I'm a lucky man. I'm surviving on very little sleep. Coffee is my best friend, but I am very lucky. I have an amazing family.

"When you're in the car and you look in the rear view window, you see the full car and you think, 'When did this all happen?!'"

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Peter Andre Emily Macdonagh
Peter and Emily have been married since 2015 (Credit: Instagram/ Peter Andre) ©Instagram / peterandre

Peter is known for contradicting his own opinions on having kids, however. Back in December, only a few weeks after baby Theo was born, Peter joked about having another baby, writing in his New! column: "It's funny because I found myself saying the other day, 'When we have the next one...'"

But when Emily and Peter were interviewed together in January by Now magazine, it seemed that the couple had different opinions.

Emily said: "I'd like to have one more baby in about five years' time. I'd like to have another baby and move to the West Country at some point in the next 10 years."

But Peter immediately said: "I don't know about that. Take it easy! I don't mind practising, but I don't know..."


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