Michelle Keegan reveals children could be in the near future for her and Mark Wright


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Michelle Keegan has revealed that she and Mark Wright could be starting their family very soon after months of speculation over whether they would be having any children together...

Michelle, 30, has been married to Mark, also 30, for just over two years now after tying the knot in May 2015.

And, of course, rumours have been rife over whether they'll be starting a family together - because let's face it, we'd all love to see a mini-Mark or Michelle running about!

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Sadly for the couple, who met by chance whilst both on separate holidays in Dubai in 2012, they've had to spend a lot of their time apart since being married due to their equally demanding schedules.

Michelle stars as the main character in Our Girl, which sees her travel all over the world, whilst Mark is currently working in Hollywood for US talk show Extra.

But Michelle told Women's Health that they Facetime and speak "every day", revealing: "It's hard being away from him while I'm filming. Really hard. But we FaceTime and speak, like, all day every day! That's what keeps me sane!"

N'aww, bless her. It's nice to see her talking about her hubby in this way!

Mich then addressed the question on everyone's lips - are they thinking about having any babies?!

She revealed: "We've not planned anything and realistically nothing can happen right now because I'm too busy."

Oh Mich, you tease.

But she excitingly added: "But I've always been broody. I love kids and I want four, so hopefully in the near future!"

Mark and Michelle have been married for just over two years (Credit: Instagram/ Mark Wright) ©Instagram/ Mark Wright

AHH please let this be true!

Michelle also bravely addressed comments that she is very thin, saying that she's recently put on a stone: "But you know what, I think I needed to put on a bit of weight. I was a bit bony."

We love your honesty, Michelle!

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