Do these celebs FAKE their no makeup selfies?

Michelle Keegan no make up

by Francesca Specter |
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A huge 95% of us think that the likes of Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner are telling porkies when they post their "no make up" selfies

Let's be honest - it's totally relatable and also a bit of a relief when celebrities like Stacey Solomon share their truly make-up free selfies, but sometimes we spot a rat.

That's why an overwhelming majority of women (95%) think some celebrities are actually wearing makeup in their selfies, including foundation, brow products and even mascara while claiming to be wearing no cosmetics whatsoever, according to a poll by parenting site and Benefit cosmetics.

Kelly Brook no make up
Kelly Brook claims to be wearing no make up in this snap - but we're not sure we agree! (Credit: Kelly Brook/Instagram) ©(Credit: Kelly Brook/Instagram)

The celebrities who many suspect to fake their no make up selfies include Michelle Keegan, Kelly Brook and of course Kim K.

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The troubling thing is, there are serious consequences for women's self esteem - around two thirds of respondents said the false photos on social media left them feeling dissatisfied with the way they look without makeup.

Almost half (48%) of the 1,205 mums surveyed also thought the images might have a self-esteem lowering effect on their daughters - who, because they're younger, might be more vulnerable to this influence.

Michelle Keegan no make up
Michelle claimed to be barefaced in this photo - but her perfect brows look more than a little suspicious (Credit: Michelle Keegan/Instagram) ©(Credit: Michelle Keegan/Instagram)

However, as we said earlier, it's a different story when the selfies are ACTUALLY make up free.

Celebrities who share no make up selfies actually make women feel better in their own bodies, agreed 55 per cent of women surveyed.

Cathy Ranson, editor of parenting site said: "Make up won’t fix the world but if you’re having a bad parenting day, it can often make you feel a little bit better."

Stacey Solomon no make up
Now THIS is a make up free "before and after" selfie we can believe in (Credit: Stacey Solomon/Instagram) ©(Credit: Stacey Solomon/Instagram)

“While not everyone wants to wear it, if you enjoy it, something as simple as putting on some bright lipstick can lift your spirits.

“But it’s important to always be honest that it’s make up and you didn’t wake up like that.”

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