Bless him! Mark Wright shared drunken soppy messages to Michelle Keegan whilst on a night out in Hollywood


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Mark Wright gushed over his wife Michelle Keegan whilst on a night out in Hollywood, telling her and the world how much he was missing her.

Mark and Michelle, who have been married for two years now, have sadly spent much of their relationship apart due to their careers.

Michelle, 30, has to travel for many months of the year due to her filming schedule for Our Girl, and Mark is currently away in America filming for his new role on US TV show Extra.

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And whilst the couple rarely discuss each other in public, it looks like poor Mark just couldn't stop himself from gushing over his beautiful wife at the weekend.

Mark, 30, posted to his Instagram Story looking slightly worse for wear whilst on a night out in Hollywood, expressing how much he was missing Michelle whilst she is back in the UK.

He shared a few videos to his account, all with heartfelt messages about Michelle.

Mark wrote over one the videos: "Bored! Nothing is good without you! Hollywood club or not, just not the same. Two months hurry up," and tagged her in it.

Poor Mark is missing his missus (Credit: Instagram/ Mark Wright) ©Instagram/ Mark Wright

In a later snap, Mark updated his fans to say that he was on his way home, looking like he was definitely ready for his bed.

This comes after Mark defiantly hit out at rumours that the 5,000 miles gap would not be an issue for the couple.

He dismissed the rumours, telling the MailOnline: "She's always proud of everything I do, and I'm always proud of everything she does. She probably feels the same way I do, like, 'Wow what an opportunity'. She's touched by it."

He looked a little worse for wear later in the evening! (Credit: Instagram/ Mark Wright) ©Instagram/ Mark Wright

He added: "I think any husband and wife, if one's working away then one will visit the other that's a given."

N'aww, what a cutie.

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