Blue’s Lee Ryan ‘arrested’ after ‘intimidating’ behaviour on a flight

The singer was reportedly picked up by police after becoming aggressive on a flight

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by Daisy Hall |

Lee Ryan, member of the boyband Blue, has reportedly spent a night in jail after being arrested at London City Airport following his 'abusive' behaviour towards cabin crew on a flight from Glasgow.

The alleged incident seemingly started after staff refused to serve him an alcoholic drink with a source saying, "He became aggressive with the air hostesses once it became clear he wouldn't get given alcohol.

"At one point he left his seat and started walking up and down the aisle despite being told to sit down — he even ran behind the cabin crew curtains. It was crazy behaviour."

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Another passenger went on to tell The Sun, "The way he acted was really intimidating."

Lee, 39, has previously spoken about his struggles with alcohol and admitted that the situation got so bad that his bandmate, Duncan James, 44, booked him into rehab.

"Duncan found me going through his cupboards looking for booze and chucked me into rehab.

"I went once and it didn't really... I went back into drinking again. I went the second time, and I was in rehab, talking in the circle with everyone, I saw a flash of light and saw a crystal apparition, a prism of light, like a diamond," he said on Loose Women.

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Lee, who appeared on Strictly Come Dancing in 2018, then opened up about his attitude towards booze.

"I used to drink because I was sad, but now I'm not sad so I can have one glass but I have to be sensible. I used to drink really heavily so I don't anymore, I made a promise with my doctor not to touch whiskey.

"I still struggle now and again. I struggle in my own way that I don’t use drink to forget and that was the point. Those days are completely behind me now, where I’d use anything to forget. If anything, now I have a couple of beers to relax and be social but there was points where I wouldn’t drink socially, I would drink inwardly and the bottle was my friend," he said on the ITV show.

If you've been affected by the issues in this story, please contact your GP or check out Alcohol Change UK.

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