Hhhmm… Is Lauren Goodger having a dig at Mark Wright with this throwback photo?

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Lauren Goodger and Mark Wright split in 2011 but they're still at odds

TOWIE stars Lauren Goodger and Mark Wright may have split six years ago but there's still a lot of drama surrounding the pair and most recently, Lauren has posted a photo where it seems she might be making a subtle dig at her ex-fiancé.

The reality stars who dated for ten years, even before they joined TOWIE, split in 2011 after Marks friends told him they saw Lauren cheat on him.

Lauren Goodger Mark Wright
Lauren and Mark dated for ten years before splitting in 2011 (Credit: Getty Images)

Although Lauren denied being unfaithful, Mark still broke up with her and they have been at odds ever since. Following the breakdown of their relationship, Lauren described Mark as "controlling" in her explosive book.

She explained: "Mark questioned my every move. The more time went on, the more I began to feel as though I should be grateful for being with him, and that’s when I started to get insecure too.

"I don’t think anyone thinks of Mark as the jealous or insecure person in our relationship... it’s me who has been labelled as the obsessive one. It’s simply not like that."

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She continued: "He seemed to hate me going out with him. I know that sounds weird, but it became normal to me. He made me feel like it was OK for couples not to go out together.

"Little by little I was giving him more and more control over my life."

Now, the 30-year-old reality star has hinted about the times she was controlled in her relationship with Mark on Instagram. Lauren shared a throwback photo of herself from seven years ago, when she was still dating Mark, and wrote alongside the picture: "When @jody_connolly_ shows me this back in the day when I wasn’t allowed out 😂😩 but my mates had my back London days 23/24 whoop love to my London boys 😜🔝"

Lauren Goodger
Lauren hinted about the times she wasn't allowed to go out (Credit: Instagram / laurenrosegoodger) ©Instagram / laurenrosegoodger


To make things even more interesting, Lauren has since deleted the photo from her Instagram account.


Drama between the Essex stars started again recently after Lauren claimed Mark got her chucked out of Alan Sugar's restaurant. However, Sheesh restaurant dismissed the reality stars claims and said it was her fault she got kicked out.

And just when we though the drama was over, Lauren made a shocking claiming that she was still dating Mark when he first starting seeing his wife Michelle Keegan.

The TOWIE star has since hinted that she's quitting her celebrity life following the Mark Wright Sheesh saga.

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