Sheesh restaurant brands Lauren Goodger’s claims as “ridiculous” and says it was HER fault she got kicked out

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Lauren Goodger slammed ex-fiance Mark Wright on Twitter and claimed he got her kicked out of Alan Sugar's Sheesh restaurant in Chigwell

There's been a lot of drama in Essex between reality stars Lauren Goodger and Mark Wright.

Back in the good 'ole TOWIE days Lauren and Mark dominated the show with their relationship drama; fights, affairs and being pushed into the pool are just a few of the things that went down between the pair.

After 11 years of dating the reality stars split in 2012 and Mark has since married Coronation Street's Michelle Keegan while Lauren has been dating Joey Morrison for over a year.

Lauren Goodger
Lauren claimed Mark Wright got her kicked out of Sheesh (Credit: Instagram / laurenrosegoodger) ©Instagram / laurenrosegooder

But it all kicked off when Lauren took to Twitter and branded her ex-fiance as "pathetic" after accusing him of getting her kicked out of Essex restaurant Sheesh. Taking to Twitter, she wrote: "Can't believe I was rudely asked by V intimidating bouncer to leave restaurant because my ex Mark coming! Sheesh & Mark you should be ashamed.

"Broke up YEARS ago. Your married I'm with Joey grow the f—k up. Absolutely pathetic and DISGUSTING behaviour. Not staying silent no more #bully [sic]"

Michelle and Mark Wright at an award ceromony
Mark and Michelle have been married since 2015 (Credit: getty Images)

Shortly after, the TOWIE star hit out at Mark again and claimed he thinks he's "the King of Essex."


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Now Sheesh restaurant has denied the reality stars claims and said it was in fact Lauren's fault that she was kicked out of the restaurant. In a statement they wrote: "So @laurengoodger still going on, she was asked to leave last Wednesday because never had a booking, she walked in to the restaurant sat on some someone's table who she didn't know so she could talk to her 2 friends on the table opposite, we do not accept this behaviour at Sheesh.

"@markwright has never asked me to remove Lauren (ridiculous statement). I have stricty rules at Sheesh that the management MUST follow; diners only, smart shoes only."

Lauren Goodger Mark Wright
Sheesh restaurant released a statement and denied Lauren Goodger's claims (Credit: Twitter / sheeshchigwell) ©Twitter / sheeshchigwell

They added: "It doesn't matter who u are."

The PR and Entertainment Manager of Sheesh – Rochelle Wood - then hinted that Lauren called paparazzi before heading into the restaurant. Taking to Twitter, she wrote: "Organising paps before she heads in restaurant… everyone knows it's diners only here. Obviously tried to cause a stir."

The Sheesh official page then added: "True statement… We never allow paps in our Gated Car Park."

Lauren Goodger Mark Wright
The restaurant went on to hint that Lauren called the paps herself (Credit: Twitter / sheeshchigwell) ©Twitter / sheeshchigwell

Lauren previously revealed her jailbird boyfriend Joey Morrison isn't happy about the incident and hinted that she wouldn't have been kicked out of the restaurant if her boyfriend was there. She told The Sun: "Mark knows Joey and his family and it wouldn’t have happened if he was there.

"Mark would have s--t himself if Joey was there. He wouldn’t have it. Mark would be on the floor."

Lauren Goodger
©Instagram / laurenrosegoodger

She added: "Joey feels so upset for me and he’s angry."

Things have taken a shocking turn between Lauren and Mark after she claimed her ex-fiance was seeing her at the same time as his now-wife Michelle Keegan.

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