Jeremy McConnell slams Stephanie Davis as “manipulative as f–k”

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Things between Jeremy McConnell and Stephanie Davis got explosive

It's extremely difficult to keep with Stephanie Davis and Jeremy McConnell but it seems that the CBB couple have split up again after things got nasty on social media with Steph's mum Pauline getting involved.

It was recently reported that Jez flew back to Ireland following a blazing row with the mother of his child after his ex-girlfriend opened up about her thoughts on the reality star couple to Closer magazine.

She told the mag: "Jeremy's trapped in a toxic relationship because of a child. I don't know if his feelings for Steph are genuine – or whether he's keeping her sweet so he can be in Caben's life."

Even though at the time Jez slammed claims that he fled to Ireland, it seems that there's trouble in paradise now.

Stephanie Davis Jeremy McConnell
Jeremy slammed the mother of his child on social media (Credit: Innstagram / jeremymcconnellcooke) ©Instagram / jeremymcconnellcooke

It all kicked off when the Irish model went on a Twitter rant and slammed the mother of his four-month-old son Caben-Albi. In a now deleted tweet, he wrote: "Cuts up my whole wardrobe slags my dead parents that girl is dead to me manipulative as f—k."

He also wrote on Twitter: "Always stick with your initial vibe and buzz off someone."

Jeremy McConnell tweets

Many of his followers have replied to his tweet and slammed the reality star couple, with one person writing: "They're both vile but he's disgusting. They're a danger to that poor baby. He's going to grow up surrounded by all of this."

Someone else claimed that Jeremy posted an inappropriate video of Steph: "So she cut his clothes up slagged his dead family and he posted a vid of her pleasuring herself 🙈 #RelationshipGoals"

Another wrote: "She is a manipulative and miserable person that will only bring you down. Do things that make you and Caben happy and move on from her."

A fourth person said: "Stay sober and your life will get better and better, the relationship you have with yourself is the most important one :) I'm three years now! X"

Jeremy McConnell tweets
Jeremy McConnell tweets
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Jeremy McConnell tweets

The drama didn't stop there though, because according to The Mirror Steph's mum Pauline - who hasn't had the best relationship with Jez - has slammed her grandson's dad as "malicious".

On Twitter, she allegedly wrote: "Finally after 16 months of hell the scumbag has shown his true colours! #BeyondEvil #Malicious #NoExcuse."

Stephanie Davis mum Pauline
Stephanie Davis' mum apparently slated Jez on social media (Credit: Instagram / stephdavis88) ©Instagram / stephaniedavis88

So far Steph is yet to respond to all the drama but unlike usual where the pair delete all traces of each other on social, we've noticed they've kept all their photos on Instagram.

This all comes after Steph's most recent column with The Mirror where she reflected back on her time in the CBB house and admitted she doesn't regret anything.

Stephanie Davis
Steph and Jez first met in th CBB house in 2016 (Credit: Channel 5)

She wrote: "I still get emotional when I think about how me and Jez met. It was so stressful in that house – to be honest I don't know if I'm more rung out now than I was in the house! – but I look back now and I wouldn't change a thing.

"Well, maybe I'd have locked it in sooner with Jez. I'd have told him I love him sooner and would've kissed him when I first felt sure of my feelings."

She added: "We love watching those clips of us together – I well up every time! So mad to think that was then and now we've got our baby together, it's magical."

Stephanie Davis Jeremy McConnell Caben-Albi
Steph cheated on her boyfriend with Jez inside the house but admits she doesn't regret anything (Credit: Instagram / stephdavis88) ©Instagram / stephaniedavis88

The couple who first met on CBB have had a turbulent relationship. More recent Jeremy pleaded not guilty to assaulting Steph in court, the former Hollyoaks actress was then rushed to hospital and just when we thought their relationsdhip was over they then got back together AGAIN.

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