Jeff Brazier admits he’s scared of losing his sons to the same virus that killed Jade Goody

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Dr Christian reveals Jade Goody's life could have been saved if she had the HPV vaccination

The world was heartbroken in 2009 when Jade Goody passed away following a battle to cervical cancer leaving her two children and husband Jack Tweed behind. Her ex-partner and the father of her children Jeff Brazier has now admitted he's scared for his children's life after learning about HPV.

HPV – Human Papilloma Virus – is a sexually transmitted disease that can lead to certain types of cancers, including cervical cancer that killed Jade. Jeff is supporting a campaign that is calling for men to be offered the HPV vaccination. It has been available for girls aged 12-13 for the past nine years on the NHS.

The dad-of-two to Bobby, 13 and Freddie, 12, recently appeared on Loose Women with Dr Christian Jessen to raise awareness of HPV and admitted he was unaware that boys could also get vaccination for cancer.

Jade Goody Jeff Brazier children Bobby Freddie
Jeff and Jade are parents to their two beautiful boys Bobby and Freddie (Credit: Instagram / jeffbrazier) ©Instagram / jeffbrazier

Opening up, he explained: "Until very recently I didn't actually realise that boys could get a vaccination against preventing types of cancer.

"In boys, you're more likely to see neck and throat cancer, anal cancer and penile cancer and obviously, my job is to protect my teenage boys so this would be something that would spark my interest."

During the television interview Dr Christian revealed that it was "very likely" that Jade Goody would have survived if she had the vaccination.

jade goody jeff brazier son
Jade Goody lost her battle to cancer in 2009 (Credit: Wenn

Jeff has now revealed that he'll definitely get his sons vaccinated. He told the Daily Mail: "Jade's death may have been HPV-related so as a family we know first-hand how heart-breaking the consequences of the virus can be.

"Jade would want me to do all I can to protect our boys and I can't lose them too."

The life coach also opened up about educating his son Bobby on HPV, he told the Loose Women pannelist: "Talking about bums and willies was awkward but when I explained the link to his mum it had his interest. It really matters to him.

Jeff Brazier Jade Goody sons Bobby Freddie
Jeff bravely opened up to his eldest son Bobby about HPV (Credit: Instagram / jeffbrazier) ©Instagram / jeffbrazier

"All of a sudden the maturity comes out. I think a lot of parents shy away cause its awkward for them but I don’t care, it's my responsibility."

You can watch the full interview below.

Boots are carrying out HPV vaccinations and you can find out more here.

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