Imogen Thomas opens up about post-pregnancy weight: ‘I feel under pressure to lose weight from online trolls”

Imogen revealed that she doesn’t like her post-pregnancy body and is feeling more pressured to lose weight from online social media users

Imogen Thomas at Angry Birds Premiere 2016

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Model Imogen Thomas has opened up about her changing body shape and how she’s working hard to getting her body back to the way she likes it.

Imogen recently spoke out about losing baby weight, saying: “It’s extremely difficult to bounce back. It takes time. Your body has been through so much - but more importantly, you’ve carried a healthy baby."

But now the 33 year old has revealed she's under pressure from online trolls to lose the weight quicker.

Revealing that she hopes her body will “change in time”, Imogen also explained that she “hates” her big boobs – and is thinking about getting them reduced.

Speaking to OK! she said: "I think my body has definitely changed since having 2 children! My hips are a lot bigger/wider and I feel my shape has become more pear again.”

Admitting that she wants to lose weight for herself, the mum-of-two said online trolls are constantly saying she’s fat:

"I feel under pressure, especially when trolls call me fat,” she said.

Imogen gave birth to daughter Siera, just five months ago who is sister to three year old Ariana.

Speaking to OK! Online last month, she said that by putting herself on social media she’s allowing people to call her names.

However the model has now revealed that she doesn’t feel confident right now.

But Imogen posted this photo two weeks ago, and we think she looks gorgeous!

And her fans certainly think so too, as many commented on how good Imogen looked.

One said: “You're gorgeous.”

Another added: “Sexy as!!!!!”

Katie Price has also recently been campaigning against online trolls as her son Harvey came under attack because of his disabilities.

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