Imogen Thomas on post baby weight loss: ‘Your body doesn’t ‘bounce back’ – it takes time!’

The star gives some great health advice to new mums

Imogen Thomas

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When you have little ones, your body goes through so many changes. You’ve spent nine months carrying a beautiful little baby, and your body needs time to recuperate once they're born.

Although having a healthy child is the most important thing, a lot of new mums are conscious of the physical changes that have happened during pregnancy and after childbirth, and want to try and get their pre-baby bodies back instantly.

However, drastic diets and gruelling workouts aren’t necessarily the way to go immediately after giving birth, as proved by former Miss Wales winner, Imogen Thomas.

The TV star, who has two young daughters, has given some great advice for those trying to shift the baby weight in a recent interview with Now magazine, and it is simple advice that anyone can follow.

In the interview, Imogen, 33, discusses the importance of balance and not trying to rush into a drastic weight-loss routine.

“It’s extremely difficult to bounce back. It takes time. Your body has been through so much - but more importantly, you’ve carried a healthy baby," she says.

“That’s all that should matter. Weight will sort itself out over time.”

Imogen and boyfriend Adam Horsley are parents to three year old Ariana, and five-month-old Siera, who was born just a month before the death of her father in December. Baby Siera was also rushed to hospital recently following an illness.

Imogen Thomas
Imogen Thomas Adam Horsley ©Getty

Imogen spoke to the magazine about the importance of working out, but only when you - and more importantly, your body - are ready. She admits to now working out about four or five times a week and often posts fitness pictures on her Instagram account.

Imogen stressed the importance of eating healthily, but also allowing yourself a treat every now and then without being too hard on yourself. She may be on a strict diet, but she is more than happy to take time off to eat what she wants.

However, she makes sure that her treats don't become permanent bad habits and usually eats delicious breakfasts including lots of healthy fats, like avocado.

Finally, the ex-Big Brother contestant told fans that the most important thing of all was to 'love yourself for who you are' and she urges women to embrace their flaws instead of trying to hide them.

We couldn’t agree with you more, Imogen!

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