Loose Women apologise for Katie Price’s son Harvey, after he swore on live TV

Katie Price and son Harvey supported by viewers as Harvey swears on air during a conversation about online trolls

Katie Price and son Harvey appear on Loose Women to discuss online trolls

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Katie Price appeared on Loose Women yesterday, alongside her eldest child Harvey, to talk about her continuing campaign against social media bullying.

Katie wanted to come on the ITV talk show to open up about how online trolls targeted Harvey recently, and how she wanted everyone to know how vulnerable her son actually is. She said:

“I’ve come to the show obviously about the trolling, a few months ago I came on because the most disgusting things were said about Harvey, some of which I wouldn’t be able to say on air.

“It was important to bring Harvey on air because people can see what he’s like, how vulnerable he is.”

Katie Price and son Harvey appear on Loose Women to discuss online trolls
Katie Price and son Harvey appear on Loose Women to discuss online trolls ©ITV

Harvey – who Katie had with Dwight Yorke – suffers from multiple disabilities including blindness, Prader-Willi syndrome and ADHA, as well as being on the autistic spectrum.

Speaking about how she wants to make people aware of online trolling, Katie said she wants to go into schools and educate children about it and “find out if they’d say those things to his face”.

During the segment, Katie asked her 13 year old son in front of the live studio audience and viewers at home: “If someone says something horrible to you, what do you say?”

To which Harvey simply replied: “Hello, you c---.”

Loose Women panellist Andrea McLean was quick to apologise for Harvey’s unexpected use of swearing, but viewers were totally unfazed and took to Twitter to praise him.

One commented: “I know he just swore on TV, by mistake, but probably the best response he could say to trolls!! Well done Harvey!”

“Harvey's response to nasty people, perfect. Harvey Is a beautiful boy, credit to [Katie Price],” another said.

Even Piers Morgan tweeted to praise Harvey, saying: “Pleasure to meet this gutsy, funny guy today.”

Watch the full video here:

Katie mentioned that producers considered pre-recording Harvey’s section of the show, but the mum-of-five insisted it be live so viewers could see what Harvey is really like.

It was only the other day Katie appeared on the ITV show to discuss the topic of abortions, and was hit by criticism after her comments of going “three time” to the clinic whilst pregnant with Harvey.

But only hours after the show, Katie posted a video to her Instagram showing off her new locks, which she debuted on Loose Women earlier.

However, her fans, despite Katie appearing on the show to talk about online trolls, didn’t hold back on the comments.

One user commented: “Katie sorry to say you don't suit that colour ......So please don't wear that wig again.....But each to their own I suppose.”

Another added: “It's badly fitted wig and the colour does not suit you.”

“Too much makeup. Makes that bump on your face look bad,” said another.

Another: “Sorry Katie but I hate the hair it makes you look old.”

But Katie posted this quote, showing that she’s clearly not bothered by what others had to say: “Someone who hates you normally hates you for one of three reasons. They either see you as a threat. They hate themselves. Or they want to be you.”

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