Gemma Collins shares amazing teenage swimsuit photos

gemma collins

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She's posted the snaps to empower fans

TOWIE star Gemma Collins has shared some incredible throwback photos from her teenage years.

The 38 year old posted bikini photos from her younger years but made it clear that she was sharing them to empower younger people to be themselves and not be distracted by what they see on social media.

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Harry Derbridge, 2011
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Harry Derbridge, series 1- 3 and 12

Harry Derbridge was a Towie original and still holds a very special place in our hearts. He made a welcome return to the show as Bobby Norris's love interest but, allegedly, cheated on him.

Alongside the snap she wrote: "Spending the evening looking at old pics .... I never grew up body conscious it wasn’t a thing when I was younger I was just young free and me ....

"Yeah I look good but In an innocent way there was no panic ....this pic was NOT taken to fit in with a wall page on make it Instagram worthy ... Instagram is way too exposed now for young members who are on here .... they do have pressure and it’s just so nice to look back on this picture and not have had any of that pressure growing up ✌🏻".

She went on to say: "I was just a happy teenager with no body hang ups or pressure.... I think it’s so important for our younger generation to be body confident and free ✌🏻

"Also the way people expose themselves now days on the gram is way too much nothing is held back anymore everything on show nothing is left to the imagination it is way too much .... younger ones are watching x".

GC added: "I just want to say to the younger ones on Insta be YOU and don’t worry about what you see on Insta be young be happy and free 💗".

Go, Gemma.

Lots of her fans rushed to thank her for being inspirational, with one person writing: "Well said, young people need more positive role models like you ❣️✨".

Someone else said: " Loving this message... just what i needed to read right now. X thank you".

Another commented: "Well said, young people need more positive role models like you ❣️✨".

A fourth wrote: "Absolutely love this @gemmacollins1 more people should be promoting this way of thinking x".

One more added: "Best post I’ve seen in a while by someone in the public eye. Well said. X".

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In more Gemma Collins news, friends have warned the GC not to take her diva antics to extremes, after viewers threatened to unfollow the star on social media following the first episode of her show Diva Forever last week.

A source said: "Pals told Gemma not to act up too much for the cameras. They warned her that the GC persona only gets her so far and she’s skating on thin ice – as well as being in danger of alienating her fan base.

"They’ve said there’s a fine line between acting like a boss and being rude."

You can read the full story in this week's issue - out now.

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