Ferne McCann shows off her baby bump as she announces incredible news

Ferne McCann

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Ferne McCann is pregnant with her first child

Former TOWIE star Ferne McCann has shown off her beautiful baby bump and announced some pretty amazing news.

The yummy mummy is currently pregnant with her first child and although we've already seen her bump after she proudly showed it off, she's proved yet again just quickly it is growing.

On her Instagram Story, the 26-year-old showed off her baby bump before announcing she's filming in her brand new house. Yup, the mum-to-be is officially a homeowner, she spoke to the camera and said: "Today’s location is my new flat. So, we’re all here and I’m just like 'This is mine!' I’m a home owner now, it’s really scary stuff."

Ferne McCann
Ferne showed off her baby bump on Instagram (Credit: Instagram / fernemccann) ©Instagram / fernemccann

Ferne, who is due to give birth in November, originally planned to move into her house with Arthur Collins - who is the father of her unborn child - but the pair split after he was involved in an acid attack in London. At the time, Ferne released a statement which read: "Ferne is grateful for the sympathetic way news of her pregnancy has been covered and people's support and obviously her first concern is for her child's health.

"Accordingly, she does not wish to discuss the pregnancy further given the early stage it is at and the immense strain that Ferne is currently under.

"Nor does she wish to discuss her ex-boyfriend who she does not recognise from the events of the last week."

Ferne McCann
Ferne is due to welcome her little one into the world in November (Credit: Instagram / fernemccann) ©Instagram / fernemccann

They continued: "Ferne is in no way seeking sympathy for her situation and is determined to do all she can to have a happy and healthy child and face the challenges of being a single parent with all her energy.

"Her thoughts are with the victims of the horrific attack on Easter Monday."

Ferne McCann
Ferne has admitted she will raise her baby alone (Credit: Instagram / fernemccann) ©Instagram / fernemccann

Since then, Ferne has bravely opened up on This Morning and spoken about the "special moment" she first saw her baby: "That first scan is the most amazing... It's where you bond with your baby for the very first time.

"And seeing it with my own eyes, I thought, 'OK, this is really happening'. So I got over the initial shock.

"My mum, my family got over the initial shock and I'm just so excited, I feel like this is a blessing."

Congrats Ferne on becoming a homeowner!


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