Ferne McCann has opened up about her pregnancy… And she’s telling it like it is!

ferne, mcanna, honest, pregnancy

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Ferne McCann has reached the second trimester of her pregnancy and while she's looking great, the former TOWIE star is being VERY honest about the physical side effects.

We love it when a celebrity tells it like it is. Speaking to OK! Magazine, Ferne opened up about the challenges she's facing now that she's around 16 weeks pregnant. The This Morning presenter suffered from morning sickness initially which made her reach for the carbs (we're with you there Ferne), before it switched to evening sickness at around 12 weeks.

She explained: 'I was tired, I had to take naps in the day, which is so unlike me. The worst thing were the headaches that were almost like migraines. They would go if I vomited. Apparently they’re really common. It’s just your body reacting to your hormones running wild.'

ferne, mcanna, honest, pregnancy
Ferne showed off her cute baby bump in this Instagram snap (CREDIT: Instagram/fernemccann) ©Instagram/fernemccann

But Ferne's discomfort doesn't end there and neither does her honesty. ‘I also feel like my baby is using my bladder as a squeeze toy. I want to wee all the time,’ she said. And we all know about the crazy cravings pregnant women have and Ferne is no different, admitting to eating Frankfurther sausages with mustard, chocolate buttons and fizzy sweets. Sounds ike a delicous and balanced diet to us!

ferne, mccann, honest, pregnancy
We're loving Ferne's honesty about the reality of being pregnant (CREDIT: ITV) ©ITV

And despite also being constipated Ferne said she is loving ONE aspect of being in the family way. ‘My boobs have doubled in size and I’m just enjoying that.'

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