Ferne McCann is “adamant” that she knows the gender of her baby

Ferne McCann

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Former TOWIE star Ferne McCann announced she's expecting her first child with ex-boyfriend Arthur Collins

Although Ferne McCann has said in the past that she's not going to find out the gender of her unborn baby until they're born that hasn't stopped her guessing the sex and now she's admitted she think she knows what she's expecting.

The 26-year-old yummy mummy first surprisingly announced she's pregnant with her ex-boyfriend Arthur Collin's baby back in April. The amazing baby news came shortly after Arthur was arrested in relation to an acid attack in London.

Since then, Ferne has confessed she plans to raise her little one alone. In a statement her spokeswoman said: ""Ferne is determined to do all she can to have a happy and healthy child and face the challenges of being a single parent with all her energy."

Ferne McCann
Ferne showed off the first look at her baby bump on social media (Credit: Instagram / fernemccann) ©Instagram / fernemccann

The reality star has made it clear in the past that she doesn't intend on finding out the gender of her baby. On This Morning she said: "I'm 70% not wanting to find out, which is so unlike me! Everyone that knows me will be surprised! I'm quite an impatient person.

"I always thought, 'Oh when I'm pregnant, I'm definitely going to find out, get organised'. But now I'm in the situation I'm thinking it will be such a lovely surprise.

"So many of my friends that did find out said you can get organised and sort your colours out.

"But I think it's an incentive when it comes to the birth to push it out to see what you're having."

Ferne McCann This Morning
The mum-to-be had her first emotional interview on This Morning (Credit: ITV)

Even though she doesn't plan of finding out the baby's sex from the doctors, it hasn't stopped her from asking Britain's Got Talent mind-reading actor DNA if they could read the baby's mind and find out it's gender. The duo told Ferne she was expecting a baby boy and now the mum-to-be has admitted she's "adamant" that she's having a baby boy.

She told OK! magazine: "I read up online about all the symptoms. One boob is supposed to get bigger than the other. I can’t remember which one.

"Also you sleep on your left, which I’ve been doing."

Ferne McCann
The former TOWIE star thinks she's having a baby boy! (Credit: Instagram . fernemccann) ©Instagram / fernemccann

However, the former TOWIE star was quick to add that she's been craving sugary foods such as "frankfurters, fizzy sweets and chocolate buttons" that could be a sign she's having a little girl.


We can't wait for find out the gender of her little one.

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