Fans rally round Ferne McCann as internet troll accuses her of bringing a “monster’s child” into the world

Ferne McCann

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Ferne McCann is due to expect her first child later this year with ex-boyfriend Arthur Collins who was involved in an acid attack

TOWIE's Ferne McCann hasn't had the easiest of pregnancies, she was forced to confirmed she's expecting her first child before her 12 week mark after her ex-boyfriend Arthur Collins was arrested in relation to an acid attack in London. Now, fans have shown their support for Ferne on Twitter after one internet troll accused the 26-year-old mum of bring a "monster child" into the world.

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It all kicked off after reality star Jasmine Lennard, who has previously appeared in Celebrity Big Brother series 10, tweeted: "How you sleeping at night @fernemccann? I'm curious. Any concerns after your boyfriend injured blinded and disfigured 22 people with acid?"

Following Jasmine's tweet, one online troll wrote: "Absolutely agree!!! She's bringing a monsters child in to the world 🤔 she loves it!"

Another said: "Having a kid with that plastic gangster is like having 1 with Jimmy Saville or Piers Morgan #allc-—ts"

Ferne McCann
(Credit: Twitter / fernemccann) ©Twitter / fernemccann
Ferne McCann
(Credit: Twitter / fernemccann) ©Twitter / fernemccann

However, lots of people were quick to jump to Ferne's defence after seeing the vile messages which led to the former TOWIE star liking one of her fans tweets. On Twitter, they wrote: "That's just out of order. She's not with him, she's trying to live her life for the baby. No need to pick on a pregnant woman really."

Someone else commented: "It's not her fault is it? She's didn't do it!"

Another said: "Pretty sure she should be sleeping fine. She didn't do it so she shouldn't feel any guilt."

Ferne McCann
Ferne is due to welcome her first child into the world in November (Credit: Instagram / fernemccann) ©Instagram / fernemccann

This isn't the first time the former TOWIE star has received hate because of her ex-boyfriend. Earlier this month Ferne tweeted about liking one of the male contestants from Love Island but one online troll replied to her and said: "You like guys that throw acid on people so your opinion doesn't really count hun x"

Ferne has since liked one of her fans who defended her by writing: "You do realise stress can cause miscarriage and she's had enough of that already without your nasty comments impacting her more."

Ferne McCann
©Twitter / fernemccann

The mum-to-be surprised the nation when she revealed she was expecting her first child with her ex-boyfriend Arthur Collins. The reality star and her ex split shortly after it came to light that he was involved in an acid attack in London, which he has recently denied.

She has since opened up in an emotional interview on This Morning and revealed her plans to raise her little one alone.


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