EXCLUSIVE! Chris Ramsey: ‘I bet Rosie uses this on the podcast’

The Shagged, Married, Annoyed hosts let us in on the details of their upcoming tour, life as a family of four and never before shared stories 👀

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If you haven't been living under a rock for the past two years, then you'll probably be familiar with the king and queen of podcasts, Chris and Rosie Ramsey.

Chris and Rosie, who are married and have two kids (the second of which they welcomed earlier this year), launched their wildly successful podcast - Shagged, Married, Annoyed - in 2019 and, since, have created over 100 episodes, released a Sunday Times no. 1 best selling novel by the same name and they're even going on tour later this year.

Talk about thriving, eh?

Now, ahead of their September-December tour dates, they've taken the time to sit down with Closer to tell us what really goes on behind the scenes in the Ramsey household.

They may be at the top of their game right now, but Chris and Rosie are as relatable as a Brit couple can get and so, kicking things off on a very much down to Earth note, Chris, 34, gave us a little honest insight into how things are going in their new Northumberland country home.

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rosie and chris ramsey
Chris and Rosie at the 2020 British Podcast Awards. ©Getty

"I bet Rosie uses this on the podcast," Chris joked.

He continued, "I gave Rosie a lie in on Sunday because she'd been out with her friends on Saturday, and she text us in the morning asking for a coffee in bed.

"I put Rafe [their youngest son] to sleep and Robin [their oldest] was playing on his computer - I had a bit of time myself so I was catching up on the UFC from the night before.

"So Rosie said, 'Can you bring a coffee?' and I said, 'Ok, on its way, but you have to promise not to make me stay and talk to you'."

Oh, Rosie - we've all been there. Who doesn't love a bit of blatant honesty to wake you up in the morning?

Rosie then cut in, "I like a coffee and a conversation!"

"She was like, 'Stay and talk to us,'" added Chris.

Bless her.

The couple, who were married in 2014, made the move back in March from their South Shields hometowns to the gorgeous new six-bed home where they're sat talking to us and, according to Rosie, it wasn't as hard with a newborn as she might have expected.

Telling us her tips for moving with kids, the 33 year old said, "Do you know what, weirdly, move when they're really little.

"He [Rafe] was very much of the age where he would sleep all day, so we could get stuff done. Now, he's a bit bigger and you get nothing done."

Laughing, Rosie added that Rafe, who's six months old (while big brother Robin is five), can roll onto his back now.

"He just kind of rolls over," she joked, "and he's stuck."

Jumping in, Chris explained, "If he could talk, he would be like, 'Mum, mum, help - I've done it again!'"

Describing how their family dynamic has changed, Chris told us how "obsessed" Robin is with baby Rafe.

"He loves him," he said.

"He runs into our bedroom - because Rafe's still in our bedroom - in the morning," added Rosie, "he completely blanks us and he's straight to Rafe, it's the best thing ever."

chris ramsey wife
Chris and Rosie had Robin in 2015 and Rafe in 2021. ©Getty

While the couple are touring for Shagged, Married, Annoyed throughout the autumn to winter period later this year, they explained that they won't be taking Rafe and Robin with them.

Rosie said, "I was talking to my friend about this.

"She [Rosie's friend] said to me, 'You're not going to be taking the kids?' and I was like, 'Oh, I don't know,' but then she said, 'Well, if I had a work conference I wouldn't take my kids.'"

"I said, 'Yeah, you're totally right.' The shows - it's our job," she added.

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chris and rosie ramsey
Chris and Rosie have partnered with Amazon for Prime Day. ©Amazon

On top of their podcast, tour and book writing, Chris and Rosie have recently been working with Amazon to promote all the small businesses that are hosted on the online retail site.

Speaking about the partnership, Chris explained, "Up to 60 per cent of the products that Amazon sell are from small to medium businesses."

"You didn't realise," he asked Rosie.

"I had an idea but I didn't know 60 per cent. It's good to know because it's always great to help out small businesses" she replied.

Chris and Rosie Ramsey help spotlight small businesses as part of Amazon’s Prime Day 21-22 June. Customers who spend £10 from a small business selling on Amazon until 20th June, get a £10 credit to spend on Prime Day__.

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