Bruce Forsyth spoke of poignant belief about death in final interview before his passing

Bruce Forsyth

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Bruce Forsyth was relaxed about passing away ahead of his death and believed he would go on to the afterlife.

The entertainment legend said he would “go peacefully” in his final interview before he died last Friday after years of deteriorating health.

His words from the chat last summer with the Daily Mail have resurfaced after it was sadly announced he had passed while surrounded by his loved ones.

He said: “I think I’m a semi-spiritualist in a way. I do believe in spirits and the supernatural. I can’t believe that, with all the things that go on, you don’t come back in another life or that your spirit doesn’t go somewhere else or inspires somebody else. It doesn’t seem possible.”

Bruce Forsyth
Bruce left behind his wife Wilnelia (Credit: Getty Images)

The former Strictly Come Dancing host, who wanted his wife Wilnelia Merced to go on and have a happy life after his death, insisted he dot not fear dying.

He said: “The thought of death would have scared me more 20 years ago, but not now. I look back at all that has happened to me and realise how lucky I’ve been. I appreciate everything that’s happened, especially when it came to the knighthood.

“That was an achievement. So, I would go quite peacefully.”

He added: “I wouldn’t turn round and go, ‘Oh, why? Why now? I’ve still got so much to do.’ Because, I’ve done so many things and been in so many successful things.

Bruce Forsyth
Bruce wanted his wife to go on and live a happy life (Credit: Getty Images)

“How many people in showbusiness have had three of the top shows ever on television? If you have one in a lifetime you are lucky.

“But nothing was bigger than Saturday Night At The London Palladium, nothing was bigger than The Generation Game, nothing was bigger than Strictly.”

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