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Made In Chelsea's power couple Alexandra "Binky" Felstead and Josh "JP" Patterson are preparing for the birth of their first baby

So we've pretty much come to terms with the fact that Binky Felstead from Made In Chelsea is, in fact, pregnant with her on-off boyfriend Josh "JP" Patterson.

And they're VERY MUCH back on now, in case you have been living in a cave.

The cute couple, who are expecting a baby girl, have treated themselves to a "babymoon" in Mauritius.

Binky and JP have treated themselves to a Babymoon in Mauritius (Credit: Instagram/ Binky Felstead) ©Instagram/ Binky Felstead

26-year-old Binky and 27-year-old JP jetted off to Mauritius last Saturday for their "babymoon" - a holiday for parents-to-be just before the arrival of their little one.

Binky uploaded a gorgeous panoramic photo taken by JP of her standing on a white sandy beach with the most beautiful blue sea and sky, captioning it: "Oh hi paradise!"

She also uploaded this stunning silhouette that beautifully highlighted her blossoming bump.

Binky's beautiful baby bump looked gorgeous in silhouette (Credit: Instagram/ Binky Felstead) ©Instagram/ Binky Felstead

Binky and rugby star JP are staying in the LUX* Le Morne 5-star hotel in Mauritius, which averages £500 per night.


It absolutely looks worth the money though - just take a look at this amazing building hidden by palm trees...

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The couple are staying at the LUX Le Morne 5-star hotel (Credit: Instagram/ Binky Felstead) ©Instagram/ Binky Felstead


It's also by the side of the dramatic Le Morne mountain - on one side, they've got the perfect paradise beach, and on the other, they've got a mountain view.

Could it get any better?!

JP at the top of the Le Morne mountain (Credit: Instagram/ Josh Patterson) ©Instagram/ Josh Patterson

Turns out it can... Binky and JP were treated to couples massages - courtesy of the hotel.

Binky, who is NOT going to give birth on Made In Chelsea, uploaded this rather steamy pic of the two of them in dressing gowns, with the caption: "Such a wonderful treat, thank you LUX Le Morne.

"We just had the most incredible 90 minute massages hence looking all oily.. Then had this little yummy surprise under the stars! Feeling so relaxed and spoilt."

They were treated to couples massages (Credit: Instagram/ Binky Felstead) ©Instagram/ Binky Felstead

The couple, who have the blessing of Binky's mum Jane, released their arty sides this afternoon by making a memory bottle, filled with sand and shells from the beach to remember the trip.

Binky wrote: "We did a bit of 'Arts & Crafts' today decorating this bottle for our new arrival! Loved it - miss being arty!

"Such a great idea to remember our trip! We got sand & shells from the beach and painted 'BG' on a shell which is her nickname so far for 'Baby Girl'."

Binky and JP made a memory bottle (Credit: Instagram/ Binky Felstead) ©Instagram/ Binky Felstead


However, over on JP's Instagram, it was a decidedly different story to Binky's beautiful, mystic island adventure.

JP uploaded a stunning shot of the sea, writing: "Photo I took today of the most amazing view, and all I can think is how many people have peed in here!"

Ew... JP!

©Instagram/ Josh Patterson

It also appears that he's practising his "Dad jokes", as he uploaded a photo of himself in the shower with the caption: "Singing in the shower is all fun and games until you get shampoo in your mouth, then it becomes a soap opera!"

Ok, we've got to admit, that's a pretty good one.

However, he then settled down and uploaded an intimate snap of Binky in a hammock, with the heartfelt caption: "My girls enjoying the sunset."

JP uploaded this lovely snap of Binky (Credit: Instagram/ Josh Patterson) ©Instagram/ Josh Patterson

Oh, be still our beating hearts!

Have you and your other half ever been on a Babymoon? Where did you go? Let us know over on Facebook and Twitter.

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